Known as the World’s Biggest Drag Race, the NHRA Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals held at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis saw 22 Top Alcohol Dragsters compete for the 16-car field. Amongst the best were Megan Meyer and rookie Justin Ashley driving for the Randy Meyer Racing Team.

Technician.Academy, an automotive training company based out of Evansville, Indiana, partnered with Megan and the team for the U.S. Nationals. Technician.Academy focuses on continuing education for technicians with in-class, online, and in-the-bay hands-on training. It’s category-specific education that is manufacturer-supported to benefit the technicians of today and tomorrow. The “Respect is Learned, In The Pits” contest winner, Kyle Clapp, joined the Randy Meyer Racing Team for the weekend as a crew member on Megan’s A/Fuel Dragster.

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Megan posted 5.23, 5.25, 5.19, and 5.26 elapsed times in qualifying and was positioned in the fourth spot, while Justin ran a 5.16 E.T. at 277 mph in the second session to claim the top spot. Megan took down Robin Samsel and Chris Demke in the first and second round, running low of the meet with a 5.19 E.T. at 277 mph. Justin defeated Jackie Fricke in first round followed by Marty Thacker in the second round.

The third round of eliminations, held on Monday morning, had an interesting match-up with Megan and Justin against each other for the first time in competition. Justin got the jump on the starting line, but Megan pulled ahead for the win with a 5.32 E.T. at 276 to Justin’s 5.39 E.T. at 264 mph.

The final round saw two first-time potential winners of the U.S. Nationals with Megan and competitor Josh Hart. Megan was 1-0 against Josh in previous final rounds, but this time it would be Josh for the win. Megan’s losing 5.36 E.T. at 275 mph effort was not enough for Josh’s 5.30 E.T. at 274 mph....
Indianapolis - Duane Shields driving the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster qualified second at the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals. Duane had an impressive qualifying time of 5.18 at 277 MPH in the highly competitive Top Alcohol Dragster division. “It was a tough field and to qualify second at the US Nationals shows that we have a very competitive car. We have run in the teens before but it’s been a while so the PEAK Dragster is really coming around” Duane said.

In round one, Duane faced Fred Hanssen. As the lights on the tree came down Hanssen got the starting line advantage and never gave up the lead as Duane pedalled it as he anticipated tire shake. This added some extra time onto the run which resulted in Hanssen escaping with the win in an otherwise close race. Hanssen posted a 5.37 at 247 MPH to Duane’s slightly quicker 5.36 at 277 MPH. “I have been experiencing tire shake lately so I was mentally prepared for it. I thought I felt some shake coming on so I pedalled but it turned out that wasn’t necessary and it slowed me down just enough to lose the race” Duane said.

With Indy now in the books, Duane is now shifting gears and focusing on the NHRA Carolina Nationals in Charlotte, September 15-17. “With the car running better than it has all year and with our past history in Charlotte, I feel confident that we will have a good showing there’’ Duane said. As always, Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises.
There's a popular saying in the NHRA drag racing pit areas - "It's never a bad day when you're at the race track." For 2016 Super Gas world champion and Top Alcohol championship contender Mia Tedesco that saying holds even more consolation after her surprisingly quick exit from competition at the world's biggest and most prestigious drag racing event, the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis.

Competing in NHRA Lucas Oil Sportsman racing in her CARS Vehicle Service Contracts/Schepel Motors/NGK/Lucas Oil Top Alcohol Dragster and her CARS Vehicle Service Contracts/VP Racing Fuels Super Gas Chevrolet Cavalier, Tedesco is not only a fan favorite, she's also a favorite to win everywhere she races.

After becoming the first female Super Gas world champion last year and winning the previous two Divisional events in her Top Alcohol Dragster in Indianapolis and Bowling Green, Ky., all eyes were focused on Tedesco to have a high probability to "double-up" at the "Big Go", but the frustrating side of racing altered her fortunes.

Tedesco lost in the first round of eliminations in both of her race cars in Indy.

"Of course, we hoped this weekend would have gone better," Tedesco said. "It's the biggest race of the season and one everyone looks forward to all year long. However, no matter what race we are at I want to win it just as bad.

"I thought we had good momentum heading into Indy with back to back wins in the alcohol car. We made okay runs in qualifying and just couldn't get it done first round. It was a good race against an awesome driver."

Tedesco qualified her CARS Vehicle Service Contracts/Schepel Motors/NGK/Lucas Oil Top Alcohol Dragster in the middle of the field in the No. 8 spot. In the opening round of eliminations, she battled one of the class's best, Marty Thacker. The two racers put on a great side-by-side race, but Tedesco came in second at the finish line stripe, 5.356 seconds, 270.92 mph to 5.304, 268.49.
Despite a...
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The No. 1 on the side of Mia Tedesco's Super Gas signifies she's the reigning world champion in the category, and therefore an automatic contender for the title of this weekend's 63rd annual Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals. But considering she's won two Top Alcohol Dragster races in a row, Tedesco seems to be an even bigger threat in her "second" car.

"We are running really well in the dragster, no doubt," Tedesco said. "I mean, it's Indy, so you know the very best in the world will be there, but it certainly gives you a lot of confidence knowing you're coming off back-to-back wins.

"The guys have this thing running very consistently, which is huge in drag racing. We're trying very hard to get away from the occasional weird pass where something goes wrong. If you can get down the track under power every time, your chances of winning go way up."

Tedesco routinely drives both her CARS Vehicle Service Contracts/Schepel Motors/NGK/Lucas Oil Top Alcohol Dragster and her CARS Vehicle Service Contracts/VP Racing Fuels Super Gas Chevrolet Cavalier at the national and divisional races she enters.

In the last two weeks Tedesco has won Top Alcohol Dragster races in Indianapolis and Bowling Green, Ky. Her recent surge has lifted her to the North Central Region points lead and fourth place in the national rankings.

Aside from her TAD victory two weeks ago at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Tedesco also won the class during the Spring Spectacle of Speed in 2015.

As for defending her Super Gas world title, Tedesco remains a scrappy competitor. She's ranked in the top five in Division 3 and in the top 20 in the national points.

"Super Gas is such a tough class," Tedesco said. "We're doing all the same stuff we did last year, just not getting the same results. We are staying at it. No need to change anything. Eventually, things will turn back our way. I've definitely learned that fact in my time in drag racing. You can do the exact same thing every weekend and...
Top Alcohol Funny Car driver John Lombardo Jr. amplifies the magnitude of the most prestigious race of the year by helping worthy causes and offering kids “A Day at the Races.”

Indianapolis, August 28, 2017 – Labor Day Weekend annually marks the most prestigious event of the season for racers in the National Hot Rod Association. The Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway Park in Indianapolis is often referred to as “the Big Go” or “the granddaddy of them all,” the race that every driver dreams of winning. For Jackson Lombardo Racing, the event goes even deeper.

For the third consecutive year, driver John Lombardo Jr., car owner Rick Jackson, and the entire NAPA Filters/Lucas Oil Top Alcohol Funny Car team raise funds for Hoosier Burn Camp and the Racers for Christ Kids Program with an online auction (HERE) and by accepting donations. On Saturday, Sept. 2, they provide “A Day at the Races,” a program bringing children from Hoosier Burn Camp to the track for a fun-filled day at no expense to their families.

Other races from the Mello Yello and Lucas Oil ranks participate in “A Day at the Races” to give the children an experience they won’t soon forget. Drivers slated to join Lombardo in interacting with the special guests, signing autographs, and playing games are Jack Beckman, Angelle Sampey, Cory Reed, Allen Johnson, Megan Meyer, Ashley Sanford, John Force Racing drivers, and many more. The driver meet and great will begin at 11 a.m.

"How do you make the U.S. Nationals – the largest and most prestigious NHRA drag race of the year – even more special? You share it with a group of kids that have overcome challenges most of us can't fathom," said Lombardo. "Saturday at the ‘Big Go,’ we look forward to welcoming families from the Hoosier Burn Camp of Indiana and sharing our passion for drag racing with them. It means a lot to us that we will have the opportunity to spend the day with some great...
BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (Aug. 28) -- Mia Tedesco collected her second Top Alcohol Dragster victory in a row Sunday at the North Central Finals at Beech Bend Raceway Park. Tedesco beat Marty Thacker in the final to pad her Division 3 points total, which already got a boost two weeks ago when she
won Chicago.

"It was a lucky weekend for us but we'll certainly take it," Tedesco said. "We tested before the race and our CARS Vehicle Service Contracts/Schepel Motors/NGK/Lucas Oil Top Alcohol Dragster was really not running well. Then we get here and shake the tires in the first qualifier and I was getting concerned. But the guys stayed with it and we came back and ran a 5.275 at 272.23 mph in Q2 to take the pole.

"We got to eliminations and for the first time ever in Top Alcohol I had a competition bye run. I was supposed to race Jared Dreher but they broke something and couldn't make the call. In Round 2, once again for the first time ever, I got a bye run because there were only six cars. We definitely had some breaks go our way."

Although the path to the final round was relatively easy, Tedesco faced a tough opponent in Thacker. But Lady Luck stayed on Tedesco's side as Thacker struggled to get down the track under power after a great launch. Tedesco won with a 5.359 at 269.19 mph to Thacker's drifting 17.093 at 25.16 mph.

"It was kind of cool it was Marty because my first win in Alcohol came three years ago at this same event and Marty was our opponent then also," Tedesco said. "He's a good racer and we're 1-2 in the North Central Region points right now so I'm sure we'll be battling until the end."

As for her championship-winning CARS Vehicle Service Contracts/VP Racing Fuels Super Gas Chevrolet Cavalier, Tedesco raced to the third of seven rounds before bowing out to Alex Miller by .003 seconds. To reach the third round, Tedesco beat Tim Dimond in Round 1 and Jeff Jensen in Round 2.

"The car is running fine," Tedesco said. "It's no different than it was last...
MELVILLE, NY - Justin Ashley expected success in drag racing, but his freshman season as a Top Alcohol Dragster has left him feeling amazed.

In just four national events behind the wheel of Randy Meyer's A/Fuel Dragster, the EPIC Motorsports Marketing/Reality Warehouse-sponsored driver has notched two wins and a runner-up.

Not a bad run of success for a driver who only earned his Top Alcohol credentials last fall.

"We won a few National events, and it’s a tremendous blessing but I know, and I understand that it’s not just me," Ashley said. "It’s a complete team effort. It’s Randy Meyer, Megan Meyer, Mary Meyer and it’s the entire team that’s responsible for this success, not just me. That’s something that I realize, and I realized early on that I’m just the one driving the car and it’s a total team effort."

All one would have to see is Ashley's penchant for soaking up knowledge like a sponge, to realize success was inevitable. Before the 2017 season, the second-generation drag racer made a trip to Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School where he made 17 laps in the school's blown alcohol dragster in an attempt to learn better the language which flows freely between a driver and his race car.

"I can’t explain how much he taught me," Ashley said. "He sat down and worked with me. I went down that track. We went back and looked at the video. He was patient; he was understanding. I asked so many questions. He was critical for me. He was tremendous for me in making this transition.

"I know the success we’ve been able to have and that I’ve been able to have driving is directly correlated to having all those laps down the track with Frank. He obviously found it important and that in itself helped. But then going back and actually talking to him about things, reviewing things and going through the details really helped and really made a difference."

Borrowing a page from Hall of Fame NFL coach Tony Dungy, the 22-year old, Business Management major learned...
Duane Shields and the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster team went to the quarterfinals at the Lucas Oil NHRANationals in Brainerd this past weekend. It was an event where everyone qualified due to the number of cars so the PEAK team had the opportunity to try a few different things in order to squeeze a little more power out of the car during eliminations.

Duane qualified tenth with a 5.38 at 270 MPH and faced Robin Samsel in round one. At the hit, Samsel went up in smoke while Duane was on a strong run. He stopped the clock with a 5.35 at 267 MPH to take the win. Between rounds, they decided to swap engines utilizing the freshened up engine they broke the crank in at Atco two weeks ago.

In the quarterfinal round, Duane took on rising star Megan Meyer. As the lights came down, Meyer got off the line slightly ahead of Duane but then the PEAK Dragster lost traction and Meyer took the win with a 5.21 ET. “We got aggressive. We were out of the normal curve and the car shredded the tires. We are now getting ready for the US Nationals in a couple of weeks. In Indy, we’ll go back to the old fuel curve and clutch set up and hope for better results” Duane said.

Duane would like to thank his valued marketing partners including: PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises.
INDIANAPOLIS (Aug. 14) -- A victory and a semifinal finish at the Division 3 double-header weekend at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis finally convinced reigning Super Gas world champion Mia Tedesco she made the right call by building a brand-new CARS Vehicle Service Contracts/Schepel Motors/NGK/Lucas Oil Top Alcohol Dragster.

Tedesco crew chief "Racin' Jason" Lynch also won in his CARS Vehicle Service Contracts/Abruzzi Transmissions & Converters/Hoosier Tires Super Gas Cutlass, making this the most successful outing of the year for Tedesco Racing.

Mia Tedesco raced to her first Top Alcohol win of the season.
"Until recently, it's been kind of a struggle getting this new dragster dialed in," Tedesco said. "We had great success in Top Alcohol the last two seasons but we still built a new car because we knew it would eventually make us even better. I think we're finally starting to see the rewards for all the hard word and testing we've been doing."

Racing out of the No. 6 qualifying position in the rain-postponed Ray Skillman Auto Group Spring Spectacle of Speed, originally scheduled for late April, Tedesco collected her landmark 10th Wally trophy by beating Marty Thacker, Brandon Greco and Kirk Wolf in the final with a string of ever-
quickening passes.

She quickly caught and passed first-round foe Thacker to win with a 5.372 at 275.00 mph to Thacker's surrendering 8.010 at 99.97 mph. She then took a wire-to-wire victory over Greco, crossing in 5.291 at 277.32 mph to his 5.444 at 261.27 mph. In the final, Wolf gave it away at the starting line with a red-light start, but it probably wouldn't have mattered as Tedesco blasted to a 5.258 at 279.85...