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Lindberg Receives Support from Scott Gaddy Racing Parts & Equipment

Leaders in remarketing high performance race car parts for nitro cars, Scott Gaddy Racing is looking to expand and pick up exposure in the overseas market by partnering with the Sweden-based Lindberg Bros. Motorsports Team, a European record-holder and championship team.

Jonnie Lindberg, driver of the Lindberg Bros. Top Alcohol Funny Car, won his first NHRA National event at this year’s Winternationals in Pomona, California, and became the national record-holder for NHRA TA/FC with a 268 mph at the Gatornationals in Gainesville, Florida.

Scott Gaddy Racing, who is looking to grow into the blown alcohol and A/Fuel market, is one of the premier suppliers to nitro cars. By partnering with Lindberg Bros. Motorsports, Scott Gaddy plans to gain worldwide exposure with quality blown alcohol parts and injected fuel parts to service the growing market that includes boat racing, truck and tractor pulls, and Pro Mod racing.

Jonnie Lindberg is excited to help Scott Gaddy Racing expand and help his race team along the way while competing at the NHRA 4-Wide Nationals in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend. The team is looking to once again be the number-one TAFC qualifier, and earn their second Wally this year. Follow them on Facebook to see how Jonnie and the... [Read More]

For Michalek Brothers Racing, Charlotte is a Long Time Coming

Just under one year ago, Corey Michalek entered his debut race in the NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster class, the 2014 NHRA Four-Wide Nationals, behind the wheel of a 3,500 horsepower A/fuel dragster with wide-eyes and a great appreciation for having the opportunity to compete against some of the best Top Alcohol Dragster drivers on the planet. Three days later, a dream was realized when MBR and Dreher Motorsports crossed the finish line at nearly 270mph on Sunday afternoon to take home the Wally trophy in Corey’s first ever start.

“We went from having mechanical issues that wiped out both runs on Friday, to getting in the show under massive pressure with a career best lap during Q3 on Saturday,” said Corey. “From there, the Drehers had the car dialed in running close to low E.T. each round of eliminations and we rode a huge wave of momentum all the way through the finals on Sunday. To this day, the memories from that weekend still seem surreal.”

Fast-forward to less than a week before the 2015 installment of the NHRA’s 6th annual spring race in the Tar Heel State and the tone gets a lot more serious. While last year’s Charlotte victory remains sweet, Michalek continues to hold on to what could have been in his second race behind the wheel, this time at his home track in Norwalk, Ohio, where the team bowed out as the #11 qualifiers without... [Read More]

Demke Races to Third Gatornationals Final, Third Final of 2015

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (March 18) – Top Alcohol Dragster driver Chris Demke raced to a runner-up finish at the 46th Annual NHRA Gatornationals in Gainesville, Florida last weekend. The Californian driver battled hot conditions all weekend before dropping the final round match to A/Fuel guru Randy Meyer. The final was Demke's third consecutive money round finish since winning the 2014 NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster national championship.

“One thing about our team is we know how to go rounds,” Demke boasted. “I'm so proud of our team. It was a tough weekend and my crew worked extremely hard to get to the finals. I'm a little disappointed that we weren't able to win the race but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. Knowing Randy Meyer ran a 5.21, we really didn't have anything for him. If the car ran where we had it tuned for, he still would have won.”

Demke qualified the Peen Rite/Boost Performance Products blown alcohol dragster in the No. 3 spot with a 5.280/272 MPH performance. Another 5.28 was used to take out Matt Cummings first round, followed by a pair of 5.27 elapsed times to get past the A/Fuel cars of Mike Manners and Rich Bourke. In the final round, Demke and opponent Randy Meyer left the starting line with nearly identical reaction times, but the nitro-injected A/Fueler held the lead for the rest of the race. Demke recorded a 5.33 ET,... [Read More]

Meyer Defeats Reigning TAD Champion for Gatornationals Victory

March 18th, 2015 - Kansas-based Top Alcohol Dragster team Randy Meyer Racing traveled south to Gainesville, Florida for the 46th annual NHRA Gatornationals as their first stop on their 2015 tour. With no prior testing before the event, the team had an exceptional weekend to dominate the field and take home the Wally.

Driver and tuner, Randy Meyer, laid down a 5.35 ET at 267 mph for the first qualifying session on Friday at Auto-Plus Raceway in Gainesville, Florida, as his very first pass down the quarter-mile track for the beginning of the year. He followed it up with a 5.29 ET at 271 mph during the second qualifying run, and an improved 5.28 ET at 274 mph for the third and final qualifier, placing him fourth in the 16-car field.

First round eliminations saw Randy overthrow 13th qualifier, Paul Fishburn, with a 5.32 ET at 271 mph Sunday morning, followed by a 5.31 ET at 275 mph to defeat Rich McPhillips in the second round.

A semi-final victory over Jackie Fricke with a 5.30 ET at 275 by Randy placed him in the final round against reigning Top Alcohol Dragster champion Chris Demke. The two launched off the starting line with similar reaction times, and were together down the track until Randy pulled away, and took the event win with an aggressive 5.21 ET at 277 mph to Demke’s 5.33 ET at 276 mph.

“There was an... [Read More]

Gainesville Hot Streak Ends for Top Qualifier Duane Shields at Gatornationals

Gainesville, FL - Red-hot Duane Shields, who was arguably favored to reach another final round appearance at the NHRA Gatornationals, lost in the second round. The defending Gatornationals champion, who has won the last four national and regional titles in Gainesville, was again on his game until the parachute shook loose which slowed Duane enough to get knocked out of eliminations early. “We overestimated the track and gave the car too much power when it didn’t need it. That lead to the 'chute vibrating out,” Duane explained.

In qualifying, Duane once again served notice that the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster was the car to beat as he qualified in the number one position with a remarkable 5.24 at 275 MPH to lead the field. This set up a first round meeting with Cherissa Griffis-Smallwood, who qualified in the 16th position.

As the lights came down in the opening round, Griffis-Smallwood crossed the starting line first but then lost traction and smoked the tires. Meanwhile, Duane made another clean run as he stopped the clock with a 5.40 at 271 MPH to move into the quarterfinal round.

In between rounds, the PEAK team decided to get more aggressive with the tune-up before Duane faced Jackie Fricke. At the starting line both cars were virtually out of the gate together with Fricke getting the advantage by only .001 of... [Read More]

The Kenan Advantage Group Renews with Michalek Brothers Racing for 2015

Michalek Brothers Racing (MBR) is excited to announce a continuing partnership agreement with the Kenan Advantage Group, Inc. (KAG) for the 2015 racing season. KAG returns to the team for a second straight year with an expanded schedule, and will serve as the MBR’s primary sponsor for the Charlotte, Houston, and Norwalk national events.

“We are very excited and grateful to continue our working relationship with KAG in 2015,” said Kyle. “We are looking forward to engaging with KAG employees at the track, and helping connect NHRA fans with great job opportunities as KAG tank truck drivers and mechanics.”

“There are so many race fans in the logistics and transportation industry, particularly commercial truck Drivers and Mechanics”, said Jessica Rauls, Corporate Communications Coordinator. “By partnering with MBR, we are providing a unique opportunity to speak with potential candidates in a relaxed and fun setting. We are seeking commercial truck drivers including company drivers and owner–operators, mechanics and tank washers to join our growing team.”

“Last year we asked some of our Drivers and Mechanics to speak with potential recruits because no one knows KAG better than the employees themselves,” continued Ms. Rauls. We were pleased to see so much company pride; the experience was rewarding for everyone... [Read More]

Demke Heads to Gainesville with Third Gatornationals Victory in Mind

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (March 11) – Chris Demke and the Peen Rite/Boost Performance Products Top Alcohol Dragster team have headed east in search of their third NHRA Gatornationals victory. The California-based group is eager to add another thrilling chapter to their Gainesville history book, but Mother Nature and a field of east coast competitors won't make it easy.

Demke, the defending NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster national champion, is off to a strong start in 2015, having won the season-opening Winternationals in Pomona and reaching the final round at the Phoenix regional event, all while bringing on an additional experimental team car. Maddern Racing is back to running as a one-car team this weekend, though the powerful motor from the “X” car is back in Demke's car, ready to rip off low-5.2 elapsed times at over 270 miles per hour.

“Our team generally does very good at the Gatornationals. We won twice in our last three Gatornationals appearances. Last year was kind of a mess in that that's when we were going through some clutch issues that were hurting parts. Now that we've got that behind us, I look forward to going there and running some very quick times. We've got the engine combination back in the car that was in the car at Maple Grove last year, ready to improve upon that performance,” Demke said, referencing the 5.21/277 MPH run... [Read More]

Demke Races to Phoenix Regional Final Round

CHANDLER, Ariz. (March 4) – Maddern Racing driver Chris Demke added another final round appearance to his national championship title defense last weekend at the NHRA West Region event at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. The 2015 Winternationals champion qualified No. 1 and laid down the quickest passes in the first two eliminations rounds before an engine failure stopped him in the final round. Maddern Racing also wrapped up their planned two-race schedule with the experimental “X” car driven by Ray Martin.

“Qualifying went well. We ran a 5.30 out of the box, which was a great baseline. Ray and the X car were right behind me so we were one and two after the first round of qualifying. The crew hopped up my car and once we got a good run on the X car we experimented with some stuff. While the experiment didn't help the performance on the second run, we did learn a good bit of knowledge on a particular area of the tune-up. With Joey (Severance) ripping off a 5.28, I knew I would need a good run to beat that. We ended up one and four, which meant Ray and I would face each other in the semis if we both won first round,” Demke noted.

A Maddern Racing match-up in the semifinals wasn't meant to be, as Martin bowed out in his race against Johnny Ahten. Demke made up for it, though, beating Ahten with a 5.275, a step up from the 5.305 he ran first round.
... [Read More]

Two-Car Maddern Racing Team Rolls on to Phoenix Regional

CHANDLER, Ariz. (February 26, 2015) – For the second year in a row, Top Alcohol Dragster's Chris Demke rolls into the Phoenix NHRA regional event as the winner of the recent NHRA Winternationals. Though opening the 2015 season with a win provides a confidence boost, Demke and his Maddern Racing team won't let it get to their heads this weekend at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park.

“I would say I'm optimistically cautious,” Demke said. “While Pomona, the end result was great, how the weekend went certainly wasn't perfect. We had some growing pains running both cars. Last year, while we started out the year with a win at Pomona, things started going downhill at Phoenix. We want to make sure we keep all of our ducks in a row and our performance levels where they should be. We spent the last couple weeks preparing the Peen Rite/Boost Performance Products champ car for Phoenix and going over the X car to see what went wrong. We've got a good idea of what failed and we've taken the steps to correct it.”

Demke speaks of the engine problem and consequential supercharger backfire on the team's experimental 'X' car driven by Ray Martin in the semifinal at the Winternationals. With a full weekend of data and experience on the X car crew, coming from Clint Thompson's TA/FC team, Maddern Racing can look ahead to better numbers at Phoenix.

“Had... [Read More]

PEAK Team Repeats Gainesville Regional Win

Alligators and palm trees must be Duane Shields’ good luck charm since he won another race in Gainesville, Florida for the fourth straight time! This time the win came at the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series regional event which he also won last season. This race was a blockbuster for Top Alcohol fans as the full field produced an incredible 5.17 ET by Richard Bourke. “Any time someone lays down a 5.17 you know the track conditions are excellent and it sets the stage for a premier event to win,” said Duane, who qualified second with a 5.25 at 272 MPH. “On the first qualifying run we wanted to make a good pass and get safely in the show. Once we did that we turned it up to see how quick we could go without smoking the tires,” Duane explained.

In round one, Duane faced Top Alcohol Dragster legend Tom Conway who was driving John Finke’s new car. “The first round was a wild card. John Finke brought out a new car and we knew that Tom Conway can really tune a dragster so we really didn’t know what to expect,” Duane said. It turned out that the PEAK team had little to worry about as Duane was first out of the gate and then Conway shook the tires while Duane posted a respectable 5.35 at 268 MPH to take an easy win.

In the semi finals, Duane faced another great driver, Rich McPhillips. Again, Duane was out first with a .042 to McPhillip’s 0.058 and just like in... [Read More]

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