X brace for 4 bar door car

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    Hi all you guru's, I currently run a heavy door style sedan (3300lb) with a blown alky BBC. I am upgrading my rear end set up and would like your thoughts on fitting a X brace (as discussed in a recent thread) to locate my diff sideways. I currently have a single bar running from the bottom front right 4 bar mount to the back left bottom 4 bar mount on the diff (this is a right hand drive car). Is this setup OK or would I benefit from a X brace setup? Does anyone have any details on a X brace setup or is it as simple as effectively adding another diagonal bar in the opposite direction to what I have? Also, we suffered from extreme squat this season, should I be looking at lifting the front of the bottom bars a notch? They are on a slight downward direction currently and my IC is way too long (approx 80 " !!) Any help would be appreciated. Cheers from New Zealand

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