WTB: KB or TFX nitro long block 426-500 for nostalgia funny car

Discussion in 'Noonan Classifieds' started by cenpen, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. cenpen

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    Oct 3, 2013
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    Looking for nostalgia motor for a nostalgia funny car. Would like pan to intake with magneto, we have blower and hat new to go on. Not looking for latest big dollar stuff, older Brad heads or Veney OK.. on a budget.
    email me what you have to worm@cenpen.com
  2. THaddock

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    Dec 30, 2006
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    Please give me a call. I have a motor. Manifold to oil pan...Billitt block early heads asking $18500 for the long block...

    847-417-8066 terry
  3. Speed City

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    Jan 30, 2010
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  4. 1320metalman

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    Feb 26, 2015
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    We emailed you with a complete description and sent out a ph number?
    Remember gettin it by email perhaps?
    Or not interested??
    $15,000+ in spare parts for free with this pan to manifold,
    TFX 2000 & Dechilles rocker stands w/ titanium shaft. $7500 in that stuff alone.
    Bryant 15 run total Billet double key way in engine now...spare Splined Bryant w 4 runs.

    Snakes p.n. block w/ 3-4 runs on it by him..repaired 2 windows by his people & sold to a crewman for top alcohol...

    then turned into a blown alcohol engine for 12 runs..
    Snakes p.n. AJ V heads as well.
    For sale to you..we sent you all an email 4 days ago..

    12 runs on a Top Notch fuel parts motor running on alcohol.

    Has ran 3 .92 ET short shifting in Tulsa in 2800+ LB steel body mild steel center chassis door car...verifiable.

    Spare 4 run Bryant Billet crank..Splined W/psi..Checked by Mile High and has clean bill of health..no cracks..

    495" - 4.187" x 4.5" stroke
    $7000 in new Titanium Int valves alone..bout 5 sets (+2sets inside heads already.
    2.450" x 1.940" valves. Heads flow like 560cfm.
    (1 set of hollow stems from Xyeledyne, new $1800)
    for spares. Bout 30 grams lighter than regular valves as we recall..

    Compete heads - 2 fresh sets of AJ V's, W/ all new Ti int valves , New inconel Exh valves, springs, 1set of brand new Ti retainers..
    Plus more spare Stg V bare heads.

    At least 1 extra ready to load W/all the new spares to build it today.. Beryllium Int seats in the one complete set of V's w/ new Ti intakes an inconel exhaust.
    Prolly 30-40 new inconel exhaust not including the 2 sets of loaded heads..

    Tons of 2-3 ,run valve springs..Still good..
    Dual plug heads w/block offs in pan rail and one plug hole per chamber.

    Single plug Fabbed -Nice- anod black, Williams valve covers..
    Single Dunn offset mag drive. Like new.
    Fuel pump snout w/ hex drive.

    Again..if u are not interested..cool..but havnt heard back,
    before we advertise this as it seems what your looking for?

    Over 30K deep into this engine and spare parts collected package.

    $24,500 obo. for Pan to manifold. With all spare parts as well.

    May consider lowering price without any spare parts & all the heads,Bryant xtra crank going with it.

    No 44amp Mag, or fuel pump..as priced.

    Olson Pan to Mag. Wilson intake manifold.
    Complete minus Mag & pump. & blower

    System 1 wet sump pump like new with 12 runs.
    like new never hurt Olson deep pan oil system ready and plummbed (120+psi oil pressure set) and over 90 coated main bearings new and 30 or more coated new rod bearings..ready for blower with PSI screw adaptor top plate. Or use a roots without plate.

    Extra 3+ sets of crane large roller 1 .062" lifters.
    40+ pushrods (maybe more)..need to do a complete inventory for anyone serious.
    7 great sleeves
    Lower To hub and pulley..
    8mm..extra belts
    Complete belt idler setup w/spare parts for pulley system.

    495" inch motor 4.5" stroke x 4.187" bore
    New never ran GRP rods
    New never ran CP pistons , 10:4-1 w/ .080 copper gasket
    New bearings installed, obviously due to all the spares.
    Extra Williams dry sump Pan
    Head gaskets & other gaskets.
    Spring checker on heads
    Tons of small parts like 30+ sets of the zig zag top side $25 lash cap /keepers. It's i believe.
    Tons of Orings for everywhere.
    Torque heads and manifold on and your blower, mag, & pump & go.

    We have a new C rotor but that's a Hen's tooth.
    So not selling that special piece without full engine price and full supercharger value plus xtra parts cost that would go with it, New cases of rotor lube in aersol cans, and shipping cost & wooden psi crate.
    Its not really for sale unless U gotta have it all and a New, specially built "C" rotor..$$$
    Building a new lake for my gal...money is not the problem..so please..serious inquiry's appreciated. Lowballers are wasting time all our time on good stuff.
    Like I said..if u got my email..cool..but figured u would have called by now..thx..no interest??..no worries...thx..

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