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    Hi guys,

    Wondering if anyone has here has tried the titanium wrist pins.

    If so did you see any benefits?

    How many passes did you get out of them in what application and who's pins?

    If you wouldn't recommend the Titanium which pin would you suggest for longevity and performance?

    Trevor Sherwood
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    A titanium pin will not work in a blown alky application. If you're looking to get bob weight out of it do it in the piston or with a high quality steel pin. The H13 pins work extremely well, they're not the cheapest or most expensive, just an overall good piece. Victory and Trend both make some very nice pins out of TP and M material, both are available with or without coating. Personally I have seen no gain with these pieces, just costs more money. Make sure you go with a pin that's not going to bend. I know some people like to tune by this but that's a ton of work, especially when you can mic the bearing shell and learn just as much. Using the bearing as the tuning tool vs the pin will save you a ton of work, not to mention not beating the small end out of the rod or the pin bosses out of the piston.

    Brandon Booher
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