Veney 1066 2.600 heads

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    Jan 21, 2016
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    is there or what’s the advantage / disadvantage of the 1066 2.600 intake valve veney head over a 2.5 valve head. 526 blown alky with a a980 whipple 2 speed lencodrive 2450lb door car 5.0 rear gear. We ran our personal best in Ennis tx this last weekend 3.77 @ 197mph with a 2.5 valve veney Head before we ran that we were thinking of switching to a brad head or the 1066 2.600 veney we still have some left in the combo we have now I should be able to get it to a 3.75 just wondering if switching to a 1066 head with the bigger valve would be worth trying since we are running good now with what we have not sure what the advantages or disadvantages are with the 1066 heads
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    May 29, 2013
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    been told by one of the best that those big valves don't benefit enough or at all, especially not enough to offset the risks associated with running valves that heavy.

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