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    Feb 28, 2009
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    My tuner is moving to far away, so I am looking for
    Someone who knows Fuel ,+ Mag management. I have a tune up now, and don't need to change it, but it is basic.
    Been around + know the little tricks I have missed or forgot over the years.
    Needs to know how to work on a dragster.
    needs to be calm + figure problems out quickly
    can get along with other nuts
    can respect my equipment. I am not out to try the latest + greatest stuff.
    I have a very good Top Dragster, can go int the 5's but we need to run concistant low 6.teens.
    If you have a TAD licence + can drive even better.
    This job will pay, I am not asking for free help. But also not Auston Coil ether.
    If you know your stuff, and want to race, call me. I WILL NOT go back + forth with e-mails. If you know you can do this Call Don @ 267-625-0891

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