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    We have a new 36' bumper hitch trailer on order and I'd like to hear about the things you like about yours?

    This is our shop on wheels during the season so this one will have air conditioning and permanently mounted fans. I'd like to find quiet fans and haven't had any luck so far, any ideas?

    The walk door will have a clear vinyl door strip setup, hoping this will make it feel like we aren't locked in a "cage" and fans can see something. Have you experience with anything like this?

    I'm struggling a little with where to put the spare engine (blower to pan) as sometimes it won't be with and i don't want to screw up the tongue weight too bad plus its awkward to move around in the trailer.

    What do you use for oil leaks? mats or pans

    Used to always use the compressed air from the toterhome but if you need air and the tanks are drained it sits and idles, seemingly forever, might be nice to have a 110V air compressor instead?

    Is there such a thing as a sturdy table/work bench that folds out from the wall?

    Please let us all know the things you like about your setup and things you don't like.
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    More lights, LED lights are the best.
    Counter top to read Racepak comfortably
    Vice, mount a vice or have a removable one setup
    Plenty of airlines, inside and out
    Easy access spare tires, not in the floor under the car
    Easy access tire changing tools....air jack and air outlet in front of each tire well
    Spend good money on an awning, you will be there all weekend under it. Call Dean Dubbin
    Don't overload it with tools you wont need or actually use at the track
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    Storage space for stuff used at the track (scooter, awning parts, cooler, generator, big pit fan, work mats, jacks, pit tables etc). You always end up with more stuff you thought you needed.

    Try to use space beside the car well. We store all the fuel jugs low beside the car and the second pair of mounted slicks high on the wall over the fuel. We also have a fold down table built into the wall for the computers. We also have the trailer spare high on the opposite wall. Awning frame & pit tables are also stored beside the car.

    Trailer Storage

    We also have all the tools organized in small portable 'function' boxes which make storage & use easy without taking too much with you. Hat tray, bottom end box, clutch box etc.

    Definitely an awning. We had a roll-out & went to a DMP, best investment ever.

    Chris Saulnier - Team Tigges
    Mechanic Falls, Maine
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    Security System !..... And plenty of big fire extinguishers.
  5. a/fd slngsht

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    Ramps, door risers, what ever is needed to make loading and unloading the car very easy.... And a good power tongue jack

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