To all of my racing friends and family.

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    After 23 years of working to get the car done and get out and go racing I am now within 5k of having it done. Hhowever this week was particularly rough and I had to sit down and re evaluate my life and my finances. I am not where I was expecting to be financially and I am not in a place where I can afford to run the car once it's finished. Regrettably I am selling my life's work and saying goodbye to the racing world most likely for good. I never imagined when I was celebrating my 15th birthday at the Goodguys run at Indy that a chance meeting with the late great Lou Debarto would alter my life's course to such an extent. the car helped me survive Iraq and I have met so many amazing people and despite the few not so great ones it has been a wonderful journey.

    There are so many wonderful people that I have met over the years so it is impossible to thank all of you by name but a few manufacturers and people who really stood out and supported me should get a mention. Thank you to Noel Manton, Mike and Geoff Strasburg at B&J transmission, Matt at Lenco, Niel Chance, Mike Kopchic at Rage fuel systems, Big Ben at DJ safety, Jon Salemi and Mike Stawicki, "Uncle" Tim Stephens (No relation), Ken Harris, Robert Rheel, Rob Atchison, Brent Lidgard, Laurie Cannister, Ken Cruz, Trevor Jones, and Jim Kyle. Without the support and knowledge you guys gave me I would never have made it this far and while I am not happy about how it's ending I don't regret the journey. I spent most of my life pursuing this dream and am not sure where I will go or what I will do, but I am fairly certain that there will be a hot rod involved once I find myself again.

    Thank you all and my sincerest best wishes,
    Trevor Sherwood

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