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    Long time no post! Tigges Racing's season is finally about to kick off. This past Saturday I drove down to the plant in in Holbrook and spent the day helping load the car and all the other stuff into the trailer for our first race of the year, the Regional at Maple Grove Raceway.

    The off season was spent doing basic offseason stuff, the shipping & expenses of parts recertification, going through the car, reviewing performance records & figuring out changes we want to experiment with this year. Tweaks have been made in the clutch can and fuel system, and within a week we will see how the car responds. Time to have some fun!

    For me, I had not had my grubby fingers on the car since the Charlotte National last fall. It was good to just be in the same room with it, then move it around out of the shop, mount up the body, and get it tied down in the trailer. We closed out Saturday afternoon around the turkey fryer, cooking methanol out of 15 gallons of used 70W Clean Boost racing oil, they filtering it back into clean jugs for re-use this season. There is something weirdly relaxing about sitting around a bubbling pot of 180 degree oil over an open flame.

    Wednesday morning we head out for the tow down to Reading, Pennsylvania, where we will get parked & at least set-up the awning & pit area. I'll be travelling with the team for this event, which is always fun. I'm looking forward to getting out on track again & making some noise! Hope to see you there.

    Chris Saulnier - Team Tigges
    Mechanic Falls, Maine

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