TFX Nitro Hemi Short block

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    All new 413 cubic inch TFX nostalgia nitro short block built in 2013 as a spare. I have never run this engine, just stored in the shop on an engine stand as a spare. Exact duplicate of the current Nitro Madness AA/FA engine. New 4.187” bore TFX 2002 block #1703 with correct oil restrictors to rocker area, new Winberg 3.75” stroke crankshaft with RCD splined snout, RCD gear drive with support bearing (uses center flange pulley), BME 7.356” long rods, Ross 1.700” high pistons, Dan olson FC style oil pan, ARP 9/16” head studs, Crane 54 MM nostalgia fuel camshaft. This combination makes 6.42:1 compression using 175 cc heads and .080” head gasket. It has been stored in a clean environment and well-sealed. I will provide detailed engine specs, part numbers and tune-up data for use with 175 cc heads and 6/71 blower to the buyer. $19,500 call Scott Gaulter 515 - three one four - 7015 cell.
    Block #1703-1.jpg
    Block #1703-2.jpg
    Block #1703-3.jpg
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