TAD blower motor, who??

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    if someone decided to run TAD and do it with a blower motor who is the go to guy to run with the 3 guys who currently run with the nitro cars. Now before anyone gets their panties in knots we all know there is more to it that just that.
    The question only is as it's stated. Who builds a motor that can win now (if all others things are correct)?
  2. secondwindracing

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    I think Scott gaddy "nitro stacker " does a fine job
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    I assume you mean Demke, Severence, Cowie? You can add Stevens to that list as he runs .20’s on command he just can’t race a full schedule due to his work schedule. So you have two cars that run BAE stuff from Norm, one he helps direct, one that runs Noonan stuff and one that runs MBR stuff. Take your pick. Engine is only a small part of the tuneup. The engine placement in the chassis is critical, clutch setup and the fuel/timing curves that make it all work.

    We run the Noonan stuff and were able to run mid .30’s on our own before we broke the chassis and had to back half the car. That’s with the driver and 2 crew guys and we don’t regularly pull the clutch. My advice to someone on the outside, if they were to start from scratch would be buy an engine of your choice with a fuel system and buy a reputable car, like a nielson, with the engine in right place and talk with someone that can get you established on a good clutch program. For what it’s worth there is a complete TAD in the forsale section that has run .20’s. It would be much cheaper to buy an establish combo than to piece one together and try to make it work. The real issue with that is the places to test this caliber of car and If you try to do travel and test before or at regional races your only going to put 20 runs a year on a car. Hard to keep up with guys putting 75-100 runs a year on their car.
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    I have a 5.27/274 long block and matching spare short block for sale. Can sell you the fuel system too, car, etc.

    I would love to have a chance to give those 4 cars a run for their money.

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