screw hemi @75% od

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    May 25, 2006
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    will a bae hemi c screw run at 75%0d
    what will the boost be (im thinking 35-38psi)
    if someone has a known good tune up (compression /fuel sytem) let me know $$
    what do you think 2400lbs @75% or
    2500 @98%
    if i knew how much hp difference from 98% to75% i could figure more out
    what do you think would be a faster et combination
    this is what i have to change to for a series im going to run with
    we need to run low 3.70's
    the 128% od pdra is out east and over for me ( no more traveling that far)

    ive been 3.69/3,70 @ 2560 @ 115%od multiple times so 98% -60 lbs seems easier
    521 ci tall deck 4.150x4.467 noonan superman heads 10.6:1 now
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