Screw Funnycar Injector Styles

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    Dumb question for the day......

    When I look at recent videos I notice something interesting.

    Some teams still run the old school open bottom FC hats of various shapes and forms and sizes. Whether they have internal dividers I can't tell.

    A lot have switched to the JBR type front load carbon injectors that feed only the front portions of the screw.

    I've noticed a movement away from the big throttle blade MK16 carbon front load injector which used to be really popular in the past couple of years (yes it is a couple inches taller). I wonder why? Visibility?

    Still, all of the teams seem to have about similar performance. So I gather from this that front loading a screw may not be all that it is touted to be worth at 92% ?

    I would have anticipated a bigger disparity between the styles, but I'm just not seeing it?


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