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    looking at flexplates for a blown alcohol injected big block...what's everyone's thoughts on the different style of plates? Like the Meziere low inertia vs a solid plate like the reactor aluminum plates? Would a 3 bolt converter pattern be sufficient? Or is a 6bolt almost mandatory? Still in the planning stages of my built. Looking for opinions.
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    Mar 9, 2014
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    Meziere billet 4130 for sure they can advise on 3 or 6 bolt mtg. on the crank. Reactor aluminum is too week for a high HP motor. The bolt on ring gear also fails.

    Adam Bowdish at A-1 can set you straight on this. You do not want to blow up a flexplate.

    Ray H.
  3. Mike Canter

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    You didn't tell us much about the car. If it is a blown Promod you need a six bolt converter pattern. We tried Reactor flexplate and had cracking problems. Meziere and CSR plates are really good and never had a problem. DMPE also makes a great one. Probably the lightest one out there. If you are going to have an onboard starter then you are going to have to know how many teeth you need so it will mate with the starter pinion. There are 168, and 162 that are very common. Sometimes you have to put a 12 tooth pinion on the starter vice the normal 10. Lots of combinations. Make sure you use ARP converter bolts and crankshaft mounting bolts. Also you have to know what bolt pattern the converter has. COAN uses a 10.5" and 11" diameter dual pattern and Chance uses a 10.5" diameter pattern.

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