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    Another vendor on here put me in contact with Rick last week. I was selling a FG5000 flywheel grinder. He asks me to send him pictures of the machine. I send them and he calls me. I tell him to come over and i will demo the machine and if he likes it leave a $100 deposit on the machine and i will disconnect it and put it on a pallet to pick up. The machine was put in the back of the shop and i built around it so it would be a Mo Fo to get out of the shop. Mr. Aikers insists over and over that he wants the machine and he will be there Weds to pick it up. I need to have it ready to go.

    Well being a car owner and him also being a Nostalgia Funny Car owner i went with the premise hes a stand up guy. Could not be further from the truth. Weds comes around and i hear nothing from him. I have another friend contact him and he responds right away. The friend tells me hes a "Impulsive Flake" and probably will not purchase it. I attempted to contact Aikers several times and that evening he finally responds. He tells me he was busy. Then after we pissed on each other for an hour he finally apologized for flaking on me. Tells me he still wants the machine and will contact me Friday to pick it up.

    Well guess what... Friday comes around and i hear crickets.

    Why i am so pissed off is i had to f_ _ _ _ up a wall in my shop and block the front door of my shop for a week with the machine on a pallet for this clown not to show or call or nothing.

    My friend told me im acting like my dog got shot, and another friend told me that its just business. I disagree with both. In this world your word is your bond and if i tell you im buying something from someone i buy it.

    At the VERY LEAST he should have the BALLS to contact me and tell me that he had a change of heart and is backing out.

    Saturday i put the machine on Ebay and sold it in 12 hours for more than i offered it to him for.

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