Radial vs. World / Outlaw 10.5 GTO

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    Vanishing Point built chassis 25.2 SFI Spec

    109 inch wheelbase

    Stock Front Frame Rail and Firewall

    Fits Large Driver

    2580 pounds with No Driver and No Ballast

    Menscer Rear Shocks

    Mark Williams 9.5 Modular Housing

    Strange Ultra Case with 10 inch ring gear

    Full Floater with M-300 Axles

    Carbon Fiber Rear Brakes

    Sanders 15 x 16 Double Beadlock wheels

    20 Pounds Fire System

    Dual Stroud Air Launcher Parachutes

    Racepak V-300-SD with full options

    Electrimotion 8 Chanel Timer with 4 pole Electrimotion Fuel mgt

    Electrimotion 3 Speed Autoshifter

    MSD Power Grid and ARC Module

    New Windows in 2017

    Santhuff Steel Body front struts

    M/T Front Wheels

    Front Mounted Aluminum Fuel Cell

    Browell 6.3 SFI bellhousing

    Fresh paint 2016

    $65,000.00 Make an Off and Buy a Winning Car!

    Pics Upon Request

    Call Jon Salemi at Resolution Racing Services 716-832-7583 or jon@resolutionracing.com

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