Pro Mods? Threat level?

Discussion in 'System One Pit Buzz' started by Will Hanna, Jun 2, 2003.

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    May 13, 2003
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    ProMods vs Top Alcohol----hell I love them both.

    I think the reason people are so passionate about defending one or the other is what you grew up around. Around the Georgia area, doorslammers are what people identify with. Fans go crazy about a Promod run no matter what the ET is---mostly at the backwood tracks, you can harldly hear the ET's anyway.

    As far as the threat level of Promods to Top Alcohol. I don't think there is any, at least I hope not. I realize that you can go from any of the other sportsman classes to the fuel classes, but i really believe the best way to make that jump is to get some seat time in the alcohol categories. I really think NHRA knows this as well.

    Now, any diehard fan will tell you, that even if Top Alcohol is not your favorite class, the NHRA national events are just not the same without them.

    This is really an interesting thread as long as we don't start any name calling or take this too serious. Will and I joke about the subject of proMods and Top Alcohol all the time. He knows I am a doorslammer guy--don't you Will?---LOL.

    Anyways--I think there is more than enough room for both categories.


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