Preferred port can location & pressure....

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    In my mind, i see it better that the port check be located at the dist block so the feed line stays full.

    Also, my idle check is 5.5#. port check should be............? 10?

    I leave at 5,000 RPM, or 45# of fuel pressure.

    This is a blown sbc that runs NE1 (7.60)
    8.91 gpm pump, 4 x .041 in hat, 8 x .035 in manifold .100 main, .050 in highspeed @ 70#
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    The idle check system the fuel pressure during idle. If it idles ok at what it is set at then leave it alone. Port checks are normally set so that the port nozzles are not on at idle so that depends on what your fuel pressure past the BV at idle

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