Our "small" think tank here....LMAO...

Discussion in 'Manton Push Rods Top Alcohol Tech Questions' started by Will Hanna, Jan 2, 2009.

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    think tank

    i dont post a ton, just cause i spend most of my time just reading and learning from everyone on here. My dad told me long ago, that the best thing in life to know, is what you dont know. ive learned more from this site than i can tell you. one of the best things about ITA is that you get real thought out advice from everyone. not just the standard, "you gotta do it like this, because thats how i do it" advice you get from alot of other places. WJ is just one guy, and i think you would be hard pressed to find another that feels the way he does.......... besides, if you belong to any of the other forums that he frequents like i do , you'll see that this is just the way he is. he has an opinion for everything, and feels the need to share said opinion entirely too often. he just has never taken the time to discover that you learn alot more by keeping your eyes and ears open. your mouth, and in this case your keyboard closed. his loss.
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    I learned a very simple truth, early on in my life.

    We were born with two ears and one mouth. It must have been ordained by someone or something, that if we are going to learn anything during our life, we should "listen, twice as much as we speak"!

    So far, at nearly 59, I have found that it truly works!

    Some still haven't learned that yet, hopefully they are working on it though! ;)
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    Jan 15, 2004
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    WJ who??

    Wasn't he the guy with the GMC pickup? Do they run those in Alcohol?

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    You guys are just too cruel!!!!:D

    Please don't take anything for granted , go to his WEB site and remove all doubt:rolleyes:

    He is like this guy,

    A couple of year back we were in a small track unloading the TAD and this guys comes along and says to one of my crew , Hey does this car runs fast? My guys looks kind of funny and replys.... NOPE,,IT FLYS . The guys turns and says to his kids see they are just crazy trying to fly with those little wings!:eek:
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