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    Nov 2, 2005
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    Lic. TAD driver/ owner interested in teaming up or driving for team. Open to class, TAD/TAFC , pro mod, comp, NFC, ND... ect ? I have a COMPLETE TAD operation from toater to name car with all the tooling and a 3000 sqft shop at the house with every machine we would need..
    I have several years experience in drag boats (capsule hydro) and im easy going good with a wrench and a hard working family guy. I have been busy the last few years coaching my kids sports teams and now it is time to make a plan to go racing.
    I would like to pair up with a team on the west coast preferably close to the central coast (santa maria is home) but I am open to any ideas you might have.. use all my stuff.. some of my stuff or none of my stuff.. including the shop..
    I will entertain any and all interested parties... let kick it around and see what we can come up with.
    I have references as well.
    jimmy perry
    Www.perryracing.com (got some old info and pics on the page)
    805 310 3975 c e l
    805 545 3131 wk
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    Jim, I sent you an e mail.

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