Nitrous engine filling vacuum breather tank

Discussion in ' Tech Questions' started by Jeffwiebe, May 27, 2019.

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    We run a Reher Morrison 908 with their vac pump. It was plumbed to the Dry sump puke tank coming from the intake valley and would fill the tank with oil. I changed it to suck from the valve cover to a separate tank but its doing the same thing, this is what David Reher recommended. Then I installed a relief valve on the pump and set it at 20 inches vacuum. No change. The vacuum graph on race-pac is also all over the place. Anyone have a suggestion for a solution? I have another question. We run a M&M shifter with Rossler 400. We use the nitrous pressure and a regulator to shift it rather than c02. Is that legal, or do we have to run c02?

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