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    Perhaps just a couple more comments this morning to clarify a bit if I can as I sure would not want to lead anyone to believe that they can just dump some nitro in the tank and be fireproof......
    This was a long time ago and I do not have every tuneup record still, only memory.....I was using a Hilborn PG 150-1 pump as I recall but later had a -2 also; my recollection is that I used hilborn 8A nozzles which, my memory tells me would support 500 hp @ 50 psi to about 850 hp @ 90 psi system pressure. My memory could be off a bit so if anyone is interested in going this route, please look at some of the excellent sites with FI info and learn on paper what your combo will want before you learn in aluminum what it wanted.
    Having said that my setup used very little nitro per run and the $ for the performance gain at the 20% level was spectacular, 6 or 7 passes out of a gallon of nitro @ 20% in methanol; Measured with a proper hydrometer which you will need to keep up with temp.
    Also check your rule book re fuels allowed; I ran lots of AHRA back then; I doubt NHRA likes nitro in bracket racing......Jeff J
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    at our track run wat ya brung

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