NHRA/LODRS free help in Madison, IL Aug 3-4

Discussion in 'Crewmembers Wanted or For Hire' started by machgnr, Jun 30, 2006.

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    Jun 12, 2006
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    Free experienced help !! For anyone coming to the NHRA/LODRS in Madison, IL Aug 4-6 in TAD or FC that could use some free help on your crew...I'm off work for that series event and have nothing to do. I've been building/running blown SBC's for several years and had a blown altered on fuel in the early 90's. I currently run a blown 8 sec Chevelle but I'm looking for some current engine and/or clutch experience and you get free help. I'm hunting for a TA/FC setup to buy for this fall and then make the transition for next year. I'm at Gateway about every week so I know my way around. You can email me here or at machgnr@nightowl.net, or possible voice mail at 314-495-8400. Rick

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