New Safety Requirements for 2010 in TAFC & TAD

Discussion in 'System One Pit Buzz' started by Stefan Kontos, Oct 26, 2009.

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    Thanks for the explanation Marty; I began my silent protest by not renewing my membership after the whole field lost a qualifying session at Seattle due to a single TA/FC oiling the track. The NHRA statring line crew lifted the body, looked around and then directed the driver to stage. How that could become a problem for the entire field of alcohol cars is beyond me but apparently Mr Light found some rationale for his actions.
    I do of course have access to the site anyway and will look for the stuff. I enjoyed meeting you and your guys at the Dallas National event this year, we were disappointed to miss the semi final round due to a broken valve we almost had done but the short 45 minute turnaround bit us(dont they say we get 75 minimum?) We would have liked to run down the track with you.
    Jeff Johnsen

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