New 125" Funny Car - Altered Chassis

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    New 125" chassis just finished. Cage inside width at shoulder is 20.75". Late model Hemi chromoly rear motor plate (BBC or others available) is out 65". Both front and rear motor plates are included. Will certify 10.1E for Alcohol or Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car - Altered. 2 piece seat. Complete fire system (Bottles are for mockup only and not included) with lines inside upper chassis rails - nozzles - lever - crossover line & cable. Rear end mounting plates along with upper and lower anti-rotation brackets for Mark Williams Modular rear end. Lower anti-rotation bracket includes dual parachute mounts. SPE steering box and all steering linkage. Strange adjustable front steering spindles with bolt-on A-Arms. Weight bar with tow hook. Fuel tank with mount - large cap - 1.5" outlet and vent. Throttle pedal with stop and cable are included. Call Scott at 515- three one four - 7015 for more details. We will build a chassis to whatever level you would like - from just basic frame rails to roller.
    Chassis #2-1.jpg Chassis #2-2.jpg Chassis #2-3.jpg Chassis #2-12.jpg Chassis #2-5.jpg Chassis #2-6.jpg Chassis #2-7.jpg Chassis #2-9.jpg Chassis #2-10.jpg

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