MBR Parts, Fuel Pumps, Injector Hat, 14-71 Supercharger

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    SOLD, SOLD, SOLD Have a solid billet Newton MBR 10.7 deck block with solid MBR heads, 526 cubic inch blown alcohol motor, complete ready to run. All machine work, line bore and cylinder hone,fresh back from Miner, assembled in house with new rings and bearings. Add fuel and oil, ready to run. MBR rockers, MBR billet heads with 2.60 Victory titanium intakes and 1.95 Victory stainless valves, PAC springs. Crane roller cam and Morel 1" lifters, Manton push rods. Bryant billet 4.125 crankshaft RCD front crank hub, JE 11.6 to 1 ( 5 run) pistons, GRP (5 run) rods. Dan Olson oil pan, cnc exhaust flanges. Black powder coated MBR valve covers with aluminum polished tube hold downs. MBR magnesium blower intake manifold with additional down nozzel ports. Motor has been 5.52 at 258 in a alcohol funny car. Cost over $52,000 new, buy today for $22,000 plus the ride and save big time. Sold!

    14-71 Standard - polished Blower Drive Service with polished snout for alcohol, includes belt guard $2500

    MAX performance riser 4" up and forward, polished aluminum $150

    990 Enderle pump 15.8 gph $500

    MBR 10.2 (like new) deck magnesium MBR manifold with extra down nozzel ports $1000 plus the ride

    Latest generation design MBR billet pro mod cylinder heads complete with 2.60 titanium Victory intake vales and Victory 1.95 stainless exhaust valves, fresh with new PAC springs, complete ready to install and run. $3500 plus the ride.

    Spare MBR billet cylinder single head to match above pro mod heads, complete, new PAC springs, 2.60 Victory titanium intakes, 1.95 Victory exhaust valves, assembled $2000 plus the ride

    Box of new PAC springs for above heads, never out of the box $600 plus the ride

    Black powder coated MBR magnesium valve cover-pair like new with tube retainers and vent tubes $1,000 OBO plus the ride.

    Contact Dana at phoenixmtrspts@gmail.com or 916-849-3551 pst.
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