MBR Engine, MBR Heads, B&J Transmission & more

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    MBR Miner Bros Engine 471 cui for sale
    Complete Intake to Pan MBR Engine
    Billet Block
    Billet MBR Heads
    Magnesium Intake Manifold
    Magnesium Valve Covers
    MBR Roller Rocker Arms
    Victory Titanium Valves
    Pac Springs
    Bryant Crankshaft 3.700"
    GRP Rods Brand New
    Arias Pistons Brand New
    Darton 4.500" Sleeves New
    Cam Effects Roller Lifters 4 Runs since new
    Erson Camshaft
    Barnes Oil Pump

    Engine ran 5,28 / 274 mph
    25.000 USD from Intake to Pan. Race ready
    Could also make less cui Inches . Have all the Parts to do it.

    2 Sets (4 pcs) late Style MBR Cylinder Heads with 2.600" INT Valves and 1.950" EXH Valves.
    All Victory Titanium Stuff and 12 runs on all Heads since New in 2016.
    6.500 USD / Set

    B&J 3 Speed Transmission complete with Taylor Blanket. 1.58 on First Gear. Tripple Sprags. All in good condition and fresh.
    5.500 USD

    3 Complete Cygnus Datastar Data Logger Systems
    Every Data Logger comes with:
    Data Logger Computer in Carbon Fibre Box
    Engine RPM
    Clutch RPM
    Drive Shaft RPM
    Front Wheel RPM
    And more RPM's if needed
    Fuel Pressure
    Manifold Pressure
    Oil Pressure
    Record Button
    Memory Card
    Download via USB cable from Card Box
    Cable for watching Live Data
    Full Cygnus Datastar Software and Program
    Extra Sensors Magnets and Memory Card

    One Data Logger System includes a throttle Position sensor, Manifold Temp, Ign Timing Module and wires for Flow Meter.
    1 Data Logger was 6,800.00 USD New 6 Years ago. Every Data Logger is in perfect condition and working fine.
    1,750.00 USD / piece or 5,000.00 for all 3 Systems

    Dual Element Top Fuel / A-Fuel Rear Wing. Very nice Wing.
    1.800 USD

    Lanz 3 Hole Injector with all Lines, Nozzle Bodys Linkages and Barrel Valve. Including nice Carbon Fibre Scoop. With that combo we ran over a tenth quicker in ET to a normal Injector on Roots combo.
    1.500 USD

    1 Set (8 pairs) CamFX .902 Roller Lifters with 5 Runs on it
    800 USD


    Pictures available

    Contact TIMO

    Email: info (at) werner-habermann-racing.com
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    Jan 5, 2004
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