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    Justin Ashley Racing

    Complete race ready 2015 Morgan Lucas chassis and Aerodyne carbon body with Noonan heads and intake , Automan injector and Barrel valve,Automan offset fuel pump drive,Strange 10 1/2 inch rear end Magaruh front and rear wings a Racepak pro2 with dash and many extra options such as fuel temp, tire temp ,wheelie bar sensor, Bonifante bellhousing, Bonifante titanium clutch,waterman fuel pump, Xrp light weight hoses ,Sanders front and rear wheels, carbon one piece belly pan, titanium wheelie bar, bald spot head pads, Rob Moore reverser

    Included as spares and not limited to
    -Racepak cables , boxes, transducers
    -Complete ignition plate race ready
    -2New black 44 amp Big cap Mags
    -1 spare set of plug wires race ready
    -4 new sets of coil wires
    -2 new mag caps
    -2 used mag caps
    -2 new ignition rotors
    -New Noonan heads complete race ready with New Manley valves retainers and lashlock keepers, Hartman nozzles and enderle fuel rails, studs included
    -Used Noonan with all Manley parts and Hartman nozzles and enderle fuel rails, studs included
    -4 New intake valves
    -4 New exhaust valves
    -3 used valve springs
    -4 sets of pushrods
    -1 use set of Brad high ratio rocker stands
    -2 new rocker shafts 1 intake 1 exhaust
    -16 spare adjuster
    -2 spare stands (1 end , 1 middle)
    -Cc plate and burret
    -Hartman valve spring tool
    -Leander’s on engine spring checker and remover
    -N e way valve seat grinders kit
    -3 spare sets of valve springs
    -Misc spare nozzle bodies and drop in jets

    -2 TFX short blocks complete and race ready minus mags, system 1 oil pumps, Bryant cranks, Cp Rods and Pistons, Bullet cams, RCD gear drives , Ati dampeners, plus more
    -New Noonan intake manifold shortdeck
    -1TFX block fresh from repair with parts to put it together
    -1Spare race ready racks of CP rods and pistons
    -1 new set of rods
    -5 used rods
    -4 used pistons
    -1/2 tray of of new upper and lower mains
    -1/2 tray of new upper and lower rod bearings
    -1/2 tray of new lower thrust bearings
    -1 1/2trays of new upper thrust bearings
    -1 set of new oil rings
    -1 set of new top rings
    -4 new sleeves
    -4 spare piston pins and buttons
    -1 sleeve remover 4.375
    -1 piston ring compressor
    -2 used cams
    -1 new set of head studs
    -Many new and used 12pt and jet nuts
    HeadGaskets New
    -4 .055
    -2 .060
    -3 .065
    -4 .070
    -4 .075
    -1 .079
    -4 .085
    -1 .090
    -2 .100
    -1 .110
    HeadGaskets used
    -2 .060
    -1 .070
    -5 .075
    -3 .080
    -4 .090
    -1 spare set of brake calipers
    -3 rear end couplers spare
    -Bottom end tool box with all tools to service bottom end
    -Clutch box with all tools and feeler blades to service clutch between rounds
    -Fuel chiller
    -Clutch grinder
    -Cam degreeing kit
    -Rod length measuring tool
    -Nitro tester
    -Automan Alcohol warmer
    -Pro jacks with pump and hoses
    -Front end dolly
    -Pit mat
    -2 aluminum tables
    -Led pit lights
    -Golf cart
    -Trick tank air tank
    -Track meter
    -Leak down tester
    -Piston bridge
    -Piston reamer
    -Pushrod checker
    -Clutch disk checker
    -Computech weather machine
    -5 Racing radios with headsets
    -2 Snap On tool boxes loaded with the tools and torque wrenches to service each side of car .
    -1 Snap On tool box filled with misc hand tools and air tools
    -10 various size time cert kits
    -1 set of spare Xrp hoses for car
    -1 complete spare oil filter with hoses and mount
    -American racing rear wheels with tires (spare)
    -Lots of new SMC fittings
    Misc AN caps , plugs and fittings
    -Fuel jugs
    -Drain pans
    -Aluminum trays
    -Staring line tool box with all the tools and necessities (tow strap and spare , tire gauge , wheelie bar gauge )

    More parts and tools , to much to list.

    Would like to sell as complete package serious inquiries only please

    This car can be purchased serviced and ready just the way it was when it left Gainesville where it ran a best of 5.25.
    It has top-notch equipment top-notch parts ever
    ything you need to go A/Fuel racing including Nitro and Notebook.


    Justin Ashley

    Anthony Dicero





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