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Discussion in 'PSI Superchargers Tech Questions' started by Will Hanna, Apr 1, 2020.

By Will Hanna on Apr 1, 2020 at 12:45 PM
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    InsideTopAlcohol's Will Hanna talked shop with EFI guru Shane Tecklenburg, comparing MFI and EFI in boosted drag racing applications. In part 2 of this multi-part series, they compare the tuning methods used by each type of injection. If you are familiar with one type of fuel injection, but not the other, we hope this talk can help you better understand how both types of injection reach the same goal - maximum horsepower and performance.

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Discussion in 'PSI Superchargers Tech Questions' started by Will Hanna, Apr 1, 2020.

    1. 32 bantam
      32 bantam
      So.....what A/F ratio is each system looking for?
    2. rb0804
      Didn’t you pay attention? It varies for each combo depending upon if it’s a blower or turbo, the size and type of the blower or turbo and what the compression, camshaft, and heads are for a given combo. There is no one size fits all and it’s likely that the A/F ratio that it likes at 60’ isn’t gonna be the same as what it likes at 1300’. Reading plugs and bearings will tell you when you go too lean in conjunction with your data log information. You also have to service it frequently to look at the pistons to see if they are scuffing, is it sticking rings, breaking rings, bending wrist pins, tuliping valves etc. if you run it all year long and put 60 runs on it, when did it start to eat the valve relief? On the 3rd run? On the 60th run? What about that time the fuel line came off? That one would make pretty good sense but if you didn’t pull her down and have a look see, you don’t know, it’s all speculation and all you have is “I think it did this...”
    3. TOL

      Shane and Will you guys did a great job in Part II. I've watched both now.

      Shane I agree with all your comments, and I thought you were very insightful and explanatory and well spoken. I was impressed. You are from what I can ascertain totally correct.

      The amount of fuel delivered is nowhere near the importance of how and where it is delivered versus the intake valve(s) versus how it is used in the cylinder versus the chamber experience. EFI or MFI.

      Now a question closer to my sphere of thinking....... What has been your experience with various versions of In-Cylinder-Pressure (ICP) monitoring systems in race engines if any? I'd be curious to hear online or off-line as I am genuinely interested in this topic.

      There's a lot of stuff still out there occurring within the chamber that most of us (short of huge budgets) cannot see/monitor/control.


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