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    Had a B&U hat and I had 3 nozzles in each side of hat and 2 nozzles in top of blower at rear of it..I'm switching from this to a 2" high and 3" forward spacer and a Geradot square butterfly hat..
    Do I install nozzles in hat or in spacer? Also the spacer is drilled for 4 nozzles in each side so do I put 3 nozzles in each side and the other 2 in back of blower as I did with the B&U hat?Also if this is way to do it then do I use the 3 nozzles holes closes to front of blower of closes to rear of blower?
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    For sure you need to keep the ones in the top of the blower. Not much difference between the nozzles being in the hat or in the spin the spacer other than in the hat they are higher and have more time to cool the air before it hits the rotors. As far as how many nozzles in the top depends on how much fuel you are putting total into the motor and the split percentage. You try and get about 55-65 percent of the fuel going in up top without the jet sizes getting too big. I don't like to go I'ver a jet size of 52 up top so the fuel atomizes when it comes out. If you are making 32-42 lbs of boost that would be around six nozzles in the hat and two in the blower.
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    All the cars I have ever seen that don't use a spray bar have 3 in the hat on each side and 1 or 2 in the rear of the blower depending on its case size. As Mike also said you can cool the air a little more by moving the nozzles further up the spacer and if you tune for that you will see a small gain. Best wishes

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