Impact SFI-15 and SFI-20 Firesuit Fail SFI Testing

Discussion in 'System One Pit Buzz' started by Richard Putz, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Bill Simpson " Hall Of Shame "

    Bill Simpsons Company "Impact" Should be shut down and my guess it will happen before long. Only a complete idiot would consider buying anything there. At the races I ran this week end none of there suits made before 2009 were allowed to be used. And what I was told by someone they will not be getting any SFI tags to put on suits after or around june. ( true or not I do not know) So if you are dumb enough to let them talk you into getting 25% off a new suit and free shipping to your door because you now have one of there junk suits you may possibly not be able to get it recertified down the road. I have a 2006 suit that I would never be caught dead wearing. I called Impact today and asked the lady on the phone if I could talk to Bill Simpson to see what he was going to do to make things right with me and all the other racers that he has screwed by making there suits vertually worthless and BIG SURPRISE she said I could not talk to him, how typical. If Bill was a stand up gut he would give all of us our money back. Also if none of his product is bad or was bad like he claims than be a man Bill and post all the SFI test results on this site and your "Impact" site. I personally sent two suits to SFI that failed and have a friend that sent his suit there as well and it failed also along with many other people I have talked to since, and this was done before you kept making you claims on you site that no suits were failing testing. ( What A Lie ) I also know you are notified when ever a suit fails testing at SFI so all you did was tell a bold face lie to everyone in the world. You have dug a hole so deep by your own doings you will never get out. you can blame me or your employees or anyone else but the facts are finally coming to light, as far as I am concerned you should be inducted into the "HALL OF SHAME". Bill if you respond to this ad or want to call me with a threat that is fine but please let me know when I will recieve my check for $1324.00 for this piece of worthless crap you sold me. I think all of the people who are involved in this matter with suits that are now useless should get together and take a class action law suit against "Impact" and Bill Simpson. Does anyone have one started, I would be the first to jump on board. Would anyone in drag racing that is a lawyer want to take on this task ? I have a feeling there will be nothing left to get after watching the direction this company has been going the last few years. Richard Putz Phone 563-875-7528
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    Richard Putz

    ok my 2 cents....... I met Rich when I licensed in his TAD 2 years ago. He was as knowledgeable and thorough about all parts of the car as anyone I have ever met and was as stand up a guy as I have ever met. He let me Drive his Dragster with little more than a handfull of phone calls and a day and a half spent together. He and his wife Shirley (sweet lady) Were some of the nicest people I have ever met anywhere. I have followed this thread loosely and that anyone could or would question his integrity (shame on Impact!!) is a joke. This man is a picture of honesty and integrity. I would put my life in his hands again in a heart beat and will defend him in any way I can. and in the future I'm hoping that I can get the chance to be around him, his wife,and crew allot more whether it be Driving his car or racing against him. By the way Rich and Shirley I would like to take this opportunity to again thank you for helping me achieve my Dream of Driving a TAD. The economy has me taking a break right now and one cannot tell how the future will go but You helped me do something that up until this point I would have never been able to do otherwise. All my best, Shane Pearmain 508 TAD/ 512E T/D S/C S/P:):)
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    IHRA Notification on Impact Products

    Just got this in an e-mail from IHRA. Glad they are giving an official heads up.

    Thank you Richard for calling Bill Simpson out, you probably saved several peoples lives.

    Tom Dwyer

    To: All IHRA Members and Member Tracks

    Re: Impact Racing/SFI Decertification

    Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the recent announcement by SFI that certain Impact Racing products have been decertified for use. Please make sure you click on the link to this important announcement, as it effects both drivers and track owners/managers.

    The release is very clear, but if you have any questions, please contact myself or Mike Baker

    If you have a 2009 or 2010 Impact suit and need to prove the date it was produced, Impact is providing a way to authenticate 2009 and 2010 products only. The instructions below are from Impact:

    Attention Racers:
    In regards to our current situation with SFI, we understand that some racers may have trouble passing tech inspections with Impact Racing safety equipment. To remedy this inconvenience, Impact Racing can provide you with a Date of Manufacture Verification form for products purchased in 2009 and 2010 only. If you call the Impact Racing office at 317-852-3067 you can obtain this form from any one of our sales associates. You will have to provide a proof of purchase. Please check with your sanctioning body to see if this form will allow you to pass tech and race at your event. Any racers with products purchased prior to 2009 can call Impact to order new product at a discounted rate.


    Contact Information

    Email: • Phone: 317.852.3067 • Web:

    Skooter Peaco

    Skooter Peaco | Vice President FELD Motor Sports -

    IHRA Motorsports Division
    :): (419) 660-4217 / 419-668-6601 fx
    *:: 9 1/2 East Main Street | Norwalk, Ohio | 44857
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    hey Rich it finally happened;)...Bill Simpson is a looser..Iam on board with you Rich..let me know when we need to sail..Dave Lowe secondwind racing
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    From Indiana Open Wheel

    Copied this from the Indiana open wheel site.

    This was forwarded to me. Someone has done some research for once.

    All, I have spent that past few days talking to most of the safety equipment manufacturers worldwide. I want to post something that I feel needs to be posted and may shed some light on the subject. In my phone calls to many of the manufactures I asked about the truthfulness of the words from Bill Simpson on the Press Release dated April 23 2010.

    Impact Press release Dated April 23 2010
    Contrary to the assertions of SFI, there is no safety risk to users of Impact Racing suits bearing SFI 3.2A/5 certification tags. The issue that has been created by SFI involves thread used in Impact’s fire suits. The error in the assessment of SFI is revealed by its assertion that thread used by Impact Racing “melts away in a fire”. According to the analysis presented by SFI “this causes the fabric to come apart since there is no longer thread to hold the suit together”. This conclusion demonstrates the lack of understanding on the part of SFI as to what causes a fire suit to work and what causes a fire suit to be safe.

    Impact is incorrect with this statement on two aspects.
    The thread that SFI is talking about is the threads that are used in the seams of the suit, not the quilting portion.
    If a polyester or nylon thread is used in the quilting area, they will burn away. But this will not create the air pocket desired; this will allow the layer to lay flat closer together next to the body. In retrospect if an Aramid fiber is used in the quilting, it will not melt and will create a larger pocket of air as the thread shrinks.

    The thread about which SFI complains is not intended to “hold the suit together”. The fabric does not “come apart” in a fire. In a fire, the layers of fabric must be allowed to expand because it is expansion that creates the layer of air that insulates a racer from fire. Impact Racing understands the necessity of this process in fire suit construction. SFI does not.

    Impact is also wrong with this statement in three aspects.
    The thread that which SFI complains DOES hold the suit together.
    The fabric “seams” will come apart if nylon or polyester thread is used.
    In a fire, the layer will never “Expand” they will shrink, and it is the shrink that will cause the air pockets when an Aramid quilting thread is used.
    Impact does not understand the process.

    Do the research, call the manufacturers and get there understanding as I did.

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