High Engine Oil Temp

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    I seem to be building a ton of heat in my engine oil. Within 5-7 min of idle and 2 min of running my engine oil is getting hot and thinning out. I start off at 120psi at idle and she will fall into the 30s. I don’t have a guage hooked up yet but it has to be north of 200 degrees. It has been like this since we finished the engine a couple weeks ago. Besides a bad bearing(s) what else should I be looking for?

    Engine specs

    Aluminum block Ford 656 blown alky
    A96 block
    4.875 stroke
    4 stage dry sump
    15-16 quarts in the system
    Tried 50w and 60w oil
    Engine spins free (just checked lash)

    This is a monster truck application.

    Thanks for any ideas yall have!
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