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    So spent the last year converting my door slammer from blown race gas to blown alcohol that added a good HP/TQ increase. We are rating this now about 1750 hp (according to Spud who set up the fuel system) and now we are having problems getting the car off the line. Once we do get off the line i have the car running nice and straight down track now but leaving the line it basically bunny hops in to the air where all 4 tires are off the ground and makes for a bucking bronco ride in the car.
    Some details about the car we are running MT 33/17/16 at 7 PSI with a 4 link and Penske DA piggy back shocks, 130# springs (need to double check spring rate). Powerglide, 4:30, chance converter, launch RPM set at 3400. Also pulling 4 deg of timing at the release of the brake (probably not enough?).

    As you can see from the video no wheelie bar on this car, it use to run 1.3 60 ft times with a nice controlled 1 foot wheelie with the 565 ci 1471 blown gas motor. Now with the 565 blown alky deal we are having problems as you can see, the only changes to the rear suspension from last year to now is adding 2 flats to the upper right bar (from neutral) to keep it going straight.

    I have been getting some advice from moving 4 link bars, tire pressure up/down, taking more timing out for 1 second at launch, etc.....

    Any advice from you experienced guys is much appreciated.

    This is a whole new deal for me and i am glad to have made the switch over to alcohol , just hoping for some advice to try and get my 60' time back where it needs to be. We are hoping to run hi 7's with this 3000 # all steel Camaro, this video with the horrible launch was 8.6 @ 173

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