Enforcer Nozzles (Port)

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    A post below (Nozzles In Hat) twigged a memory/thought in my brain.

    The Enforcer port fuel nozzles.

    Did not want to side track that earlier thread, so here we are with its own.

    Reportedly 50+ Hp back to back dyno gain over standard port MFI nozzles.

    Internal mixing conical atomizing (industrial style) nozzles is basically what they are. Excellent atomization at high differential fuel pressures. Questionable mixing at less differential pressures. Subject to the square of the pressure differential drop in terms of mass flow.

    Did they not work out, or were they just not pursued out of complexity, or did they just get abandoned because they were unfamiliar?

    Sounds like they possibly might have had had great potential versus the old standard MFI "thumb over the garden hose approach" nozzles, but perhaps there were other complications people found along the way that thwarted their pursuit?

    Curious to hear thoughts, and just thinking out loud........

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    You can still buy them from RBS but at $44 each. Not sure i believe the 50 horsepower gain. The problem is in a back to back test maybe one of the tests the mixture was richer or leaner so it hit the right AFR. If the AFR is correct in each test run then the horsepower should be the same.
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    I was told 5hp once the afr was fixed. Wasn’t worth the cost. Also it’s like spraying a hose into the air. Looks great going into the air. Now spray it onto a wall about 5 fest away. Not so pretty anymore. All that spray hitting the flooor of the runner , basically a river on the floorrunner of the head. Not a good idea.
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    Also depends on the head as well and the travel of air flow in the intake runner. Certain heads have a better air flow path.
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    Now spray it on to a wall 5 feet away in a Cat 5 hurricane... LOL

    Not that yall out in Calyfornyway would know about a Cat 5 hurricane....

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