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    Dec 24, 2005
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    Can We Have a Peaceful Revolution?
    In 1776, the founding fathers of America waged the Revolutionary War to gain independence from the British monarchy. Indeed, founding father Ben Franklin said something to the effect that we need a revolution every 200 years, because all governments become stale and corrupt after 200 years. ;)

    The answer is yes Lets VOTE these a--holes out of office. :)
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    Sep 3, 2007
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    Mike, I hear what you are saying. We own a couple of gas stations here in S.C. and if we can average 10 cents per gallon markup we are lucky, sometimes it's more like 05 cents. My point was that I doubted that if demand fell that the oil companys would close any U.S. refinerys. Any lack of demand for supply here in the U.S. would be replaced with demand from somewhere else in the world. I don't bemoan the profits made by the oil companys, after all they should get the same return on their investment as anyone else, a few points of return on billions of sales is an awful lot of money. We should not forget that they assume all the risk to locate new reserves.
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    Mar 19, 2008
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    Diesel is almost $7/gal in Estonia, of which bit over $1 is sales tax (VAT, 18%), about $2 is fuel excise tax, so taxes are roughly half.
    Tax system itself is pretty good. Personal income is flat rate 22% (will be 20% by 2009), no corporate income tax (was abolished).
    Also when we regained independace from Soviet Union occupation in 1991 August, we were "blank sheet", so we could start with the newest technology. Broadband internet is everywhere, cell phone coverage is everywhere, everything is on the internet etc etc
    For example, it took me 5 minutes to file my 2007 tax report at home:
    *Log in to my bank, using credit-card size code card (24 different 6-digit codes)
    *Click on "2007 taxes"
    *Forwarded to IRS website
    *Everything was pre-calculated from their databases (income, deductions etc), only had to update my contacts, otherwise just click "OK"
    *Thats it :)
    And oil barrel price of $100+ is only part of the picture, dollar is just weak. Out currency was pegged to German mark, i.e. to Euro now:
    Our central bank rates:
    So $ has lost almost half since summer 2001... Good for US car fans in here...
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    Nov 3, 2006
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    Problem is our "friends" in China have started to drive. A prof. out at Michigan State U. worked out that if we were invaded by China, using our present sized military forces armed with Thompson machine guns, they would almost reach the Missippi river from the west coast before the last one fell. If 10% of them are starting to use gasoline, even at 50 mpg, we won't be the big users of gas in a few years. Price can't go anywhere but up. Thing is, people never learn from their mistakes. The greed and pompousness of oil companies is hurting the economy. Hardly anyone who was old enough to understand what happened in 1929 is alive anymore. Young, know it all kids today, wouldn't believe them anyway. Life goes up; life goes down. Just thankful I'm too old; won't have to live through too much of this when it all falls down around our ears. When the oil execs. begin committing suicide in twenty years, telling the American public they're sorry for what they've done, just smile and help them. (Hold the rope while they put their necks in the noose). Sorry for you young guns: I lived at the peak of America's power and glory. You're going to experience it's downfall. We talk of Greece and Rome as if they were stupid to let it slip away. It slips away on everybody. They get greedy and it goes downhill from there. Enjoy your upcoming national depression.
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    Jul 24, 2005
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    two weeks ago I filled my Pickup at 3.75, afew days ago it was 4.00, then over nite it went to 4.20. a 5% increase overnite :eek: Im gonna stayup and catch that guy changing the sign. ;)

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