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    Who has the best hemi heads out there ? There are so many to choose from now that it’s overwhelming. Not to mention there are manufactures offering secret heads to select few. Different port layouts, chamber designs. Noonan, Frankenstein, chf, brad. It all can’t be some and mirrors or they wouldn’t be making them. So anyone have experience making a change from a out of the box head to one of these different designs ?
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    If your running promod, buy one of those 4.9 deals and be done with it. They are really nice to work on, make excellent power and your competition already has em. By staying with the 4.8 deal your limiting yourself. Just my opinion. If your stuck with the 4.8 platform, like the alcohol guys, it’s a toss up to which manufacture you prefer. In dragster Demke runs well with the brad setup, Severence runs well with the Noonan deal, Stevens runs well with the MBR stuff. In funny car Whitely runs good with the Noonan stuff, Bellemeur BAE, Gordon AJPE, and Marshall runs good with the MBR stuff. Kind of get the point right?

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, if your stuck with the 4.8 and your rules package allows it, your gonna be better off going to a large cam core and a 2.200” lifter spread. What you gain in Valvetrain stability and RPM will fat offset the latest trick of the week heads/manifold package.
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