Coupler spacer?

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    I switched combos and need to move the blower forward so I bought a snout and coupler that supposedly would work with my SSI f3. The coupler/snout combination is about 1.5 inches too short when you bolt it onto this blower (i.e snout shaft doesn't even engage the coupler) I see good vibes sells a 0.75 inch spacer. Maybe I could stack two of those but that seems a little sketchy? Coupler could actually move out 1.75 for the snout shaft to be bottomed out in the coupler.

    The coupler on this new snout is about 3 3/8 long, same as my old setup. But the driveshaft on my old SSI snout is basically as long as the snout where on this new setup, the shaft is about an 1.5 shorter than the actual snout

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