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    Cottrell Motorsports to return with

    In a joint venture, Cottrell Motorsports, led by Len Cottrell, and W2 Motorsports, led by John Wilson and Bob Weickgenannt, have signed, a leader in hard-money lending (fast-turnaround, low-documentation, short-term lending) to real-estate investors and wholesalers, to a one-year major-sponsorship agreement for their Top Alcohol Dragster operation. The team will represent at 10 races on the NHRA Lucas Oil and Full Throttle Drag Racing Series.

    The partnership will provide a platform to create a network of Investors and wholesalers. Although the firm's Web site is in its infancy, it expects it will grow as the word gets out via the race team.

    “The concentration of NHRA races in the mid-Atlantic is our target area for growth; this partnership will boost’s brand awareness,” said principal Jason Balin. “We are always looking for opportunities to grow relationships that lead to a larger network of investors.” The company's goal is to expand its mortgage and real-estate investor pool in the mid-Atlantic area in the next 12 months.

    “It’s a great opportunity for our team to build a long-term relationship with a progressive company,” Weickgenannt said. "John Wilson and I have been avid real-estate investors for many years. We have experienced the wealth-building success that comes with real estate. Our objective is to build’s business, which will in turn cement the growth of our partnership.”

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