Complete Lencodrive sale. 2 ea 3 speed units with (1.25/1.25 ratios), bellhousing and converters

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    Selling complete Lencodrive combo with spares. Will part out or sell as package.

    2 each - Lencodrive big shaft with mega 1.25 input. 1.56 low gear 3 speeds (1.25/1.25).

    One unit has new transbrake clutch pack. Both units modified to run cooler through charge circuit so converter will get cooled as well.

    $6950 each.

    Boninfante 7.2 Aluminum Bellhousing for Hemi. Has pocket for Ford flexplate starter (McAmis location). Blowback tabs welded on. Has inspection cover. In cert. $1250

    Coan steel converters. Will check on part numbers, but was the 'standard' Snyder Lencodrive converter they used to sell. $1000 ea.

    Taylor Lencodrive 3 speed blanket - $250
    Stroud Lencodrive 3 speed blanket - $200

    Rear case with pod for 3 speed. Comes with intermediate shaft, sprag assembly and pod/fork. Bolt on and add gear set. - Call for price

    Numerous spares available. Will put a list together.

    Will consider a package deal on all or some parts of this.
    Pics available

    Will Hanna
    979.415.4959 (no calls or texts after 9 p.m. CST)

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