Complete Engines, Parts, Wheels, and TAD parts

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    PLEASE Call or TEXT for more information and/or picture.
    Looking to move these parts quickly

    Curtiss Chambless

    471 BAE Long Block

    BAE 8 Heads, with dual PAC Springs
    Victory Valves
    Silver Hi-Ratio BAE Rockers
    Manton Push Rods
    Morel Lifters
    Erson Cam
    Magnesium BAE intake
    Billet BAE Block, NEVER windowed
    GRP Rods
    Bryant Crankshaft, 3750 stroke, with titanium hub and degree ring.
    JE BAE Pistons, Big bore 4467
    RCD Billet front drive with fuel pump extension
    Will come with a spare set of new pistons, and several spare low run sets of rods and pistons.
    Spare push rods, rocker arms, some good used valves ready to install.
    Will have additional parts for sale separately that will work for this engine.
    Engine also includes a set of BAE Mag Valve covers.
    Engine has 3 passes on all internals with the exception of crank and cam (low runs, as this was our spare engine) Has not been out of the trailer in 3 years prior to our last event.
    This engine has been bullet proof for us, just run in the 30s at St. Louis on a soft tune-up.
    If you purchase this engine we will give you the complete fuel/ignition tune-up on the engine to run 30s.

    Parts List: Price plus shipping


    1 set of 2016 BAE 8 HEADS
    $5000 complete with double PAC springs

    1 set of BAE 8 HEADS (slightly older set)
    $4500 complete with double PAC springs

    *Casale front drive for raised Cam Hemi BAE with gears and cover

    *KNUT Carbon Fiber Screw Blower Hat for Dragster

    *1 New in the box Erson Billet Hemi Roller Cam
    *3 Crane Billet Roller Cams , 2 used, 1 new.

    New Cams, $500 each.
    Used Cams, $250 each.

    *Several Sets of good used Crane Lifters, $225 a set.

    *Enderle Lay-Down Buzzard injector, dow coated.

    *466 CI 1/2 inch short deck
    TFX Block, Block has been windowed multiple times. Is a bit ugly, but all straight and square.
    Has a low run Bryant Billet 3.900 Stroke
    4375 Bore
    Sleeves are like new
    Camshaft is new
    2 new sets of rods
    New set of Pistons, Rings, Pins and Buttons
    Casale front gear drive
    RCD Fuel pump extension
    Block has studs and will come with a set of lifters.
    Engine will come with push rods.

    Complete less rocker assembly.

    $7500 without heads and intake, $12,000 with Complete BAE 8 heads and intake.
    Parts alone are worth this without the block, looking to move quickly.
    For this kind of money would be a very affordable spare engine.
    Engine will also have oil pan

    *Steel Lakewood HEMI Can, with dual pattern for B & J or Lenco
    Guaranteed re-cert or I can re-cert for you.
    Looks new, $400.

    *Small Block CHEVY:
    Factory GM 4-bolt main studded block
    JE Pistons, 9.5 blower with new pins and rings
    CROWER Billet blower crank
    CROWER billet steel blower rods
    Snyder billet roller cam
    High pressure oiling roller lifters
    AFR ported aluminum heads
    Head studs, COMP cams, push rods, and rocker assembly
    671 Dyers blower, intake and complete pulley and drive system.
    Intake is a street intake
    Mickey Thompson valve covers
    Twin 750 blower demon carbs, NEW.
    BDS blower scoop
    Various other components on engine.
    This is a nasty street engine, and can be drag raced. Has big cam and makes around 800 HP.

    *MSD 6 shooter and MSD pro-mag timing retard box.
    Both like new. $450 for the pair.
    Also have a Lehey harness for $75
    Lehey Dual 6 shooter harness for $100

    *MSD Top Fuel Tester
    PN 89931
    New in box, $100

    *2 Sets of Center-line with Champion Bead-Lock Conversions
    5 on 5 1/2 bolt pattern
    One set has Good Year tires, one set has Mickey Thompson
    34.5 X 17 X 16 Tire size
    5 inch backspace 1000 a set

    Enderle upright buzzard A-Fuel injection, Dow coated, New $800
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    Curtiss please send information for the Bell housing purchase.
    I will take it
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    Bell Housing is sold
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    I will text you pictures tomarrow

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