Competition Products Funny Car Rampage

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    At the Rocky Mountain Superchargers we had so many requests for funny cars that we evolved our Invitationals to an entire series which Competition Products has helped us with: the Competition Products Funny Car Rampage.
    It is a heads up, no index, first to the stripe final for the two fastest funnies that come to each race. Some of our guys still run our 6.75 index Top Supercharged Thunder (no breakout final) or our 7.50 Pro Supercharged / All Stars series. We pay some tow money, pay every round, and there are no entry fees for members.
    We are headquartered in Colorado and race from the Rockies across the High Plains states.
    We haven't been on Pit Buzz much lately, so we thought we should let everyone know that we have grown a lot and now are entering our Tenth Year, we never thought we'd be at it so long!
    Check us out, if you'd like on our website or Facebook and join us for some fun when it works for you. We always enjoy making new friends.

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