*Blown TAD Racing Operation For Sale*

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    Getting Out of Racing Sale (Pictures and information available upon request)

    Items for Sale:

    · United 44’ Gooseneck Trailer Triple Axle (Loaded Ex-Pro Stock Operation)
    o 1’ Extra Height
    o Rubber coin flooring and Many cabinets, including drivers, and tuning station
    o Double Doors, both with Pit-Pal racks
    o (2) A/C and Heat units
    o Hydraulic Jacks
    o Air compressor
    o (6) Spare (New) Brake Assemblies
    o (1) Spare (New) Drum
    o Upgraded Stereo System
    o Recessed D-rings in floor
    o Carpeting halfway up walls, with bump guard
    o Parts washer
    o Plenty of stainless workbench/storage room
    o Water tank and Pump for hand washing station
    o Possible 10k Watt Gas Generator
    o Stainless trim, and 110v outside lights
    o Brackets for Pro awning

    - Beautiful Trailer that pulls great with more than enough room - $15,000

    · Roller 285” Neil and Parks dragster chassis front and back-halved by Uyehara in 2005 with only 24 runs since. Last NHRA cert in 2016, with ZERO runs since. (“Cable Car”)
    o Strange 9.5” Live Axle Front Loader with 4.30 gears and carbon brakes (8 runs since fresh and new brakes)
    o EM safety shutoff device and components
    o Floor pans, gauges, Moroso 3qt accumulator, MSD Grid, Diversitech Ti cage shroud, ISP padding, driver controls, etc. (All new with less than 8 runs)
    o Magnesium body panels
    o Includes front Canards, and Rear wing and stands (Cert. 2016; Zero Runs since)
    o Weld front wheels w/ Goodyear tires (8 runs on tires)
    o Weld 16.3 rear wheels w/ Hoosier Tires, liners (8 runs on all)
    o …and More!

    - Great car for T/D or TA/D with low runs (Set-up for clutch and Hemi) - $12,000
    - OPTION: Rolling chassis w/ Racepak Pro 1A full system - $16,000

    · Racepak Pro 1A with EGT’s, Clutch, Driveshaft, F/P, O/P, Fuel Flow, Blower Boost, and Manifold Temp. - $4,000

    · RCD 7” Degree ring with magnet (new) - $100

    · RCD Belt Adjuster complete - $200

    · RCD Billet 5” pump extension (new) - $390

    · Waterman Lil’ Bertha Pump 850 Gears with Dist. Block & Shutoff - $1,000

    · -.500 BAE Billet Block, 4.4675” Bore, 60mm Cam, 2.75 Main (1 repair for rod out by Jeremy at BAE)
    o (2 sets) Diamond Pistons, Pins, Rings (new)
    o All studs, including Tool steel head studs and cam plug
    o System 1 Wet sump oil pump w/ fittings
    o Dan Olson Oil Pan

    - Engine “Package” - $6,500

    · MSD 44 Mag with 2 Coils, Points box, and Wires - $1,600

    · Sitko Offset Mag Drive (8 runs) – $700

    · 10.7” Crower Clutch (Ti hat and Aluminum Flywheel) - $2,500 obo
    o Roger at Crower knows this clutch (Good clutch/Good Cond.)

    · Trick Titanium 8 1/8” Ti Bellhousing - $1,600

    · Ray Franks Clutch Machine - $1,000

    · Dragster Cage Tool Tray - $200

    · Lenco CS2 (1.35/1.31) 3-speed w/ Helicopter sprags, reverser, shift pods, and Taylor blanket (8 runs) – $5,500

    · Taylor Engine Restraint - $400

    · Racing Electronics (4 headsets, radios) - $500

    · Blower Mount starter with New batteries, cable, and battery carrier tray - $1,000

    There is probably more, but this is the “larger bulk” of it.
    Individually priced, it all adds up to $54,190.00, however, we will offer a sizeable discount to someone who would take everything!
    If you have any questions please feel free to call or text Tyler @ 574/536.3206. We are based out of Northern Indiana.

    *Buyer will be responsible for shipping including cost and/or pick-up.
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    do you have pics of mag , is it ccw
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    Could I get a pic of the trailer - Please if available

    TAD 3662
    Thanks Bmans@matrixservice.com
  4. Whiplash393

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    Nov 6, 2008
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    All items are back on the market/for sale due to buyer back-out!
    Bump to Top!!!
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    I would like some info on the "lil bertha" pump. if you'd like to call or text my # is 405-208-1773. thanks in advance.
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    Have been trying to contact you interested in multiple parts my #609/387/2495
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    what stroke is the crank?
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