"Big Show" Nitro F/C, Top Fuel Dragster Parts FOR SALE!!!

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    Attention in the pits!!! The following "Big Show" Pro Nitro Funny Car / Top Fuel Dragster Parts & Accessories are now being parted out and are available immediately and ready to ship...
    Right now is the perfect opportunity to acquire most everything needed to join the 2018 Racing Season with this large selection of both new and slightly used racing components that will sell for a fraction of the cost of new!

    We will be listing more items in the next few weeks that can be used on both a Top Fuel Dragster, or Nitro Funny Car, Fuel Altered, Drag Boat, Tractor Puller, etc... So if you get impatient and don't see it listed yet, then feel free to call anytime!!!

    So let's start with these items...

    028.JPG Check out this BRAND NEW current style Shelor 2 piece standard deck 426 Hemi set-back Blower Manifold for your nitro, alcohol, or gas burning Dragster, Funny Car, Altered, Drag Boat, or ? It has provisions to run port nozzles if you choose. Otherwise just plug them off. Oil filler inlet location is in the front of the Manifold for easy access. And this one's set up to run 2 Burst Panels that are included as well. The Blower opening at the top is o-ring ready. And this Manifold can work with your SSI, Kobelco, Littlefield, PSI, or Mooneyham, roots style superchargers. It can be used with your fuel heads made by Alan Johnson, or BAE, or MBE, that are set up for a 6 bolt Manifold.

    This complete 426 Hemi Rocker Assembly is loaded with Steel Shafts. This hi-ratio set, with billet stands comes complete with upgraded billet Manton Intake and Reid Exhaust Rockers, 7/16" Adjusters, Nuts, Springs, Shims and everything you see in the photo. They are slightly used and free of any damage or repairs. And this set-up could work with your BAE, Dart, or Alan Johnson Fuel Heads that bolt up to your Keith Black, BAE, or TFX Rodeck cast or billet block.

    If you're in the market for a Nitro Fuel Pump. And are looking to save BIG $$$'s at the same time. Then this is the perfect deal for you!!! This Rage Fuel Pump is in good used condition. Install this one on your race car as is... And head for the lanes!!!

    We have several sets of different style new and used Weld, American, & Sanders Front Funny Car Wheels available for sale. Most come complete with BRAND NEW Goodyear Frontrunner Tires already mounted up and ready for race day! They're the standard 15x3.5 size, 1 piece billet aluminum models. And fit the popular Anglia spindles. They have previsions to accept your front disc brakes (not included) if you're running them.

    Check out this BRAND NEW current style MSD Power Grid Controller #PM8771 for your Pro Nitro Funny Car or Top Fuel Dragster. This was just purchased a few weeks ago at Pomona and was going to be used as a spare. But has never been on a Race Car. It has a built-in rev limiter that is mandated in both NHRA/IHRA Top Fuel Dragster and Funny Car competition. It provides a programmable time-based timing curve with up to 30 points. And stores different timing maps that can easily be changed while in the staging lanes. It completely does away with the older style 8971 Pro Mag Digital Retard Control Box & Graphic Editor. Comes complete with everything you see in the photo.

    We have a couple MSD #8971 Pro Mag Digital Retard Control Boxes for sale. Many of the Pro Nitro Teams on tour are still running this exact set-up simply because of it's dependability. It works in conjunction with the MSD 7570 Graphic Editor. And allows you to set your timing curves, etc; just like the new Power Grid set-up above.

    Check out this Dunn Dual Mag Drive for your MSD Pro Mag 44 Ignition System. This one's in nice shape. Bronze Cam Gear was recently inspected and looks good to go. This one's ready for showtime!!!

    All items sold separately and are Priced to move! BEST OFFER!!!

    All serious reasonable offers considered on all above items. All items are subject to prior sale and all prices negotiated are + shipping.

    For more info, please call Brandon at: (916) 425-1427 anytime!

    Or message me through this site and I'll be glad to get back with you...

    We have a large amount of Nitro & Alcohol Racing Parts FOR SALE so just give us a call or e-mail your "wish list" and we'll take it from there.
    Thanks for looking!
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