Base Timing for 426" Blown Alcohol hemi

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    Looking for recommendations for base timing for my setup.

    426" KB Hemi
    BAE Fuel Heads
    MSD PRO MAG 44
    MSD 8147 Points Box
    MSD 8142 Coil
    MSD Powergrid 7730

    Currently we are setup for 20* - 22*. No changes have yet been made to the Grid.
    Starting the car on the Internal Mag pickup to get a good feel and then will switch over to
    Crank Trigger.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    Hi, No expert on the fuel heads but I looked into this way back when I owned a set and the chamber size is huge on them so they generally need a lot more timing than say a fathead on alky. A general fathead max is at about 26 degrees. Fuel heads depending on what the chamber cc is, stg 1 and 2 have the smaller (176 I think) chambers vs. the 3's and later. The bigger the chamber cc the more timing needed. Assuming your compression isn't sky high you are probably looking at 32-34 degrees but I have heard some say as high as 38. 20-22 is nothing for a fuel head and the Leahy crank trigger is the way to go for dead on timing. Blown5402 Is Jim Kyle on here and he ran the fuel heads for a while on alky running 3.80s. He would be a good guy to talk to for more exact numbers. Hope this helps, Trevor Sherwood 727-364-4368
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