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    over the last month I've called jim about a complete mark Williams modular rear end.he answered my call 95% of the time and always called me back.we made a deal,i sent him the money from Virginia to Washington state.he shipped it when he said he would,i got what he said I would.through out the deal he went out of his way to help with shipping,and yes there were problems with shipping including the pallet it was shipped on coming apart.all in all I can't complain about anything in this deal.of course I don't know every detail about his deal with adam but my deal went as smooth as I could have ask for.

    Ronnie Tweedy
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    Mar 9, 2010
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    Would you call him and ask him about this engine issue ? Maybe you could help clear this up ? He takes your calls --
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    Contacting Jim!!!

    This is Adam, I'm glad your deal went well with Jim. I'm in a little doubt bout getting my parts but the reason I'm
    So frustrated is the time to recieve em. Like I've said I've paid for this complete motor in October and it's now end of jan. Jim did answer my calls but now he won't answer and now will barely contact me through email. When he does get in contact it's only brief and little info. I know the block is getting repaired which is totally fine and I know everything that is going on, but for numerous weeks now, walt and Scott from Walt austin racing have been trying to get a hold of him as they are waiting on parts from Jim to repair the heads hence where my frustration is comin from. I just want my stuff and the excuse of "shut up and deal with it, you'll get it wen you get it" isn't in my eyes good enough excuse. Jim should be doing everything in his power to get this deal done quicker but from the info I've gathered from Walt, Scott etc he's only making it drag out longer!! There are two bills at AJPE and WALTS shop that need to be paid so they can release the remanding parts to me. Apparently from what Jim has said he will be paying it on Friday let's see if that happens.

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