AJPE Fat Hat Hemi Long Block

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    BAE Billet Block Standard Deck

    AJ Musclehead II Heads

    Victory Titanium Valves 2.400 x 1.900 (56 Runs)

    Pac Springs 2709 and 1360

    BAE Mag Manifold with burst and Distro Block and Lines. Can be for EFI or Mechanical

    Ross 4.467 Pistons (56 Runs)

    3.400 x 1.094 Precision Pins (56 Runs)

    Bryant 4.150 Crank Keyed (56 Runs)

    60 Mm Cam

    1 inch Morel Lifters (56 Runs)

    Manton Push Rods 7/16 to 1/2 Taper

    Manton Shaft Rockers

    R&R Billet Rods (new)

    RCD Front Drive, Cover, Pump Extension

    RCD Idler System

    Moroso Dry Sump Pan

    RCD Wobble Drive or Front Offset Drive

    Titan Dry Sump Pump

    Sheet Metal Valve Covers with Burn Down Breathers

    Engine is fresh from (MSR Performance)

    Engine has had Damage-1 Window, 1 Main Line Saddle, Pushed Head Gasket, #3 Chamber Repair.

    This is the engine from Melanie Salemi’s Pro Mod from 2016-Mid 2017

    Has run 3.73 @ 199 in 1/8 Mile Pro Boost and 5.79 @ 245 1/4


    Call Jon Salemi at Resolution Racing Services 716-832-7583 or jon@resolutionracing.com

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