A little fun if you're stuck at home watching the Vegas Divisional

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    We are having a contest, consider it Fantasy Alcohol Racing. Here are the rules:

    $20 to enter

    *Pick a number you believe will end up being the #1 qualifier in TAD and TAFC. Then we combine them for a total to the thousandth.

    (Example: Last weekend at the Vegas National TAD #1 = 5.249, TAFC #1 = 5.478 for a combined total of 10.727. Our winner had picked 10.726 and won over $1500)

    *Picks must be made before Q1 begins on Friday

    *Should a tie occur where 2 predictions are equally below and above the final qualifying total, the payout will be split equally between the 2 closest predictions.

    *The winner will receive 90% of the total paid into the contest. Therefore, the payout is dependent on the number of entries.

    The Payout will only get bigger with more participation, so tell your friends!

    Cody "Flash" Perkins

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