2018 Pro Mod Camaro by G-Force Race Cars

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    Car is nearing completion and can be delivered for beginning of 2018 season

    Set up for Supercharged Hemi with clutch or converter and any transmission combo

    Lightweight Carbon Body by Five Star (Pro Stock shape with Pro Mod length)

    Full Titanium options (front tank surround, firewall, front door flange, window frames, steering shafts, pedals, seat frame, handbrake, driveshaft tunnel, front end tree, fender mounts, rear tin work next to four link plates, four link brackets on car, four link brackets on rear end)

    Strange Ultra housing with Floater and Carbon brakes

    Strange Triple Adjustable Rear Shocks with Kinetic Valving

    20 pound Fire System (Rear Mounted)

    MVM Carbon wheelie Bars

    Simpson Dual Parachutes

    Weld Liner rear wheels

    G-Force Bolt on Four Link Plates

    Strange Billet Third Member with 10 inch gear set

    PST Carbon Driveshaft

    Racepak V-300 with full options

    Choice of Timing controller

    Weld Front Delta wheels

    Strange Ultra Strut with Kinetic Valving

    Fits large driver

    G-Force Zoomie Headers

    Aluminum Fuel Tank

    Aluminum Dry Sump Oil Tank

    Choice of Powder Coat Color on Chassis

    Brake Lines

    Weight bars

    Rear mounted weight box

    Fully assembled rolling chassis no body paint included. Car can be completed as a turn key project if desired

    This car can be competed in all forms of Pro Mod from Lightweight Outlaw classes to NHRA legal pro mod

    Car is nearing completion and can be delivered for beginning of 2018 season

    Pictures available upon Request


    Call Jon Salemi at Resolution Racing Services 716-832-7583 or email jon@resolutionracing.com

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