2 Car TA/FC Team looking for Help.

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    We are looking for a person who can help us at each race we attend. They must be willing to work hard in there role with the team. I will cover your ticket in to the event's, your food and sleeping quarters. You must have the following requirements.

    1-You must be a neat person and well groomed.This is a must
    2-Willing to travel with the team from the Columbus Ohio area in the big rig to the races. If a race is closer to home for you, meet us at the track. I will cover your fuel.
    3-Be willing to work at times long hours when needed to go into tomorrows rounds.
    4-A team player and to have a positive attitude at ALL TIMES.
    5-Have respect for your team members and also for yourself.
    6-Conduct yourself properly when representing our team at all times.
    7- Willing to take orders from your superiors,accept constructive criticizm
    when needed.
    8-Must have a valid drivers licence, if you have a CDL even better. Its always good to have an extra driver for the big rig.
    9-You must not be a hot head, if you are then PLEASE do not apply.

    Your duties on the team will be as follows.

    - Keep both pitt area's clean at all times

    - Make sure that all tools are cleaned after each round and put away properly where they belong.

    - Re-fill paper tool racks

    - Roll-up air hoses

    - Run out and pick up groceries, parts and supplies when needed.

    - Keep water and pop coolers stocked up at all times for the team.

    - Clean the burn out rubber from underneath the cars

    - Wipe down both of the funny car bodies and make sure they are keep clean and shinny at all times.

    - Help out our cook when needed, to prepare team lunch and dinner's

    - Pick up couriour (parts) deliveries that are dropped off at the track drop
    off offices.

    I am sure I can think of a few other things once we talk. You can email me at
    thewasteking@gmail.com if you have some kind of a resume send it to me.

    Thank you

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